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My friend has a RCM PUC (pick up center) but RCM business is not working these days so he is facing financial problems as there is no selling of products from the PUC. He is very much tensed about the PUC as he has invested more than 5 lacks in opening this PUC. It is very bad news that RCM business is not available from last 3 months. Very bad luck friend.

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  1. rajiv

    Dear friend,as u know RCM has been fighting against govt for the allegation some local leaders along with police imposed on it.There is anasan goin on delhi n Congress govt(including PM,some MP’s and BJP chairperson) has supported its mission and vision n has ordered Raj. govt to solve the natter as early as possible.So,it has been declared that it will take max 3 months to clear all charges n start the company.As u know production has already been started, only legal formalities pending.cheers.


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