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How to Make Chutney of Momos – Momos Sauce At Home

Chutney of MomosHello friends…

If you are looking about how to make momos sauce i.e. chutney of the Momos, this recipe is for you. Chutney plays the main role in enjoying the Momos.


  1. 100 gm garlic cloves – lahsoon ki fanke
  2. 25 dried red chillies – sookhi hui laal mirch
  3. 1tbsp sugar
  4. 1 cup malt vinegar – sirka
  5. salt to taste

Preparation Method

Soak red chillies, sugar, salt and garlic cloves in vinegar for one hour. Now with the help of blender, blend the mixture. The chutney is ready.

How to cook momos without having bartan utensils of Momos

Hello friends…

I am very fond of the Momos. It is a food from Tibet and Nepal. I have been tried veg momos from various shops in the market. Now I am planning to make momos at my home. But I have no bartan i.e. utensils in which momos used to prepare. Please suggest me an idea using that I can cook momos at home.


Pudine Ki Chatni – पोदीने की चटनी

If you are fond of eating Pudine Ki Chatney, you are on the right page. With this page, I am sharing Pudine Ki Chatni recipe.



Dhaniya Hara


Lal Mirch, Hari Mirch

Namak,Haldi, Lahsoon


Pyaj (Onion),




Wash the podina and hara dhaniya.

Cut onion and tamater in to small pieces.

Mix all of these items in your mixer and just grind it.

Navaratri Vrat Thali – Navratri Vrat Thali

Navaratri Vrat ThaliHi guys

If you want to prepare Navaratri Vrat Thali at home, read this article. Navaratri Vrat Thali is all about having food to devotee who is on fast. You can add following homemade items in Navaratri Vrat Thali.

·       Kuttu ki poori

·       Boondi ka raita

·       Jeera aaloo

·       Pudine ki chutney

·       Halwa

·       Kheere ka salad

You can prepare all of these items at home very easily. Happy Navaratri.

Maa Sherawali aapki har manokamna poori kare

Jai maa lakhneswari mayya give me strength to keep my fast for 9 days in a gud way i am always highly obliged to u in my life again JAIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MAATAAAAAAAAAAAA KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

How to Make Momos – Momos Recipe at Home

How to Make Momos

Guys…I am sure that you are fond of eating momos. You can make momos at home very easily. With this article, I am sharing my recipe on how to make momos.

Buy idli utensil for making momos. If you do not want to steam then there is no need to idli utensil. But steamed momos are tastier than the fried momos. Here is preparation method and list of necessary items. Momos is best nasta recipe. Just try your momos recipe.

• 2 cups Maida
• 1/2 grated cabbage
• 1/2 tbsp Salt
• 3 medium-sized Onions (chopped)
• 1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
• A pinch of Baking Powder

For making chutney

5 Garlic flakes, chopped
• 5 Red Chillies, chopped
• Small amount of Vinegar

How to make Momos:

•    Mix maida, baking powder and water to make smooth dough like you make dough for marking roti. Leave the dough overnight.
•    Roll out medium sized chapattis from dough and cut the chapati in to 2 pieces.
•    Make a mixture of grated cabbage, onion, ginger paste and salt to taste to stuff in.
•    Stuff the half-piece chapatti with this mixture. Repeat the step to make all the momos.
•    Steam these momos in an idli utensil for about 10 minutes. Or you can also fry them.
•    To prepare chutney, churn garlic, red chilli and vinegar in a mixer.
•    Serve the momos with chutney.

How to Prepare Aaloo K Pakode

Friends…I was getting bore in the evening as no one was there and Sachin was playing very slowly. So I went in to the kitchen and found something to eat. My bad luck as there was nothing to eat. Then I planned for preparing aaloo k pakode.

As I love to cook so it was not a big deal for me. By the way, if you want to try my aloo k pakode recipe, you can go with these steps.

Necessary ingredients

  1. Aaloo 2 big
  2. Besan
  3. Oil
  4. Salt, Mirch, Haldi, Dhania powder

Preparation method

  1. First of all cut the potatoes in chips form.
  2. Now heat oil in the kadai.
  3. At the same time, make a thin solution of besan with the help of water and add salt, mirch, haldi, dhania powder.
  4. Put chips aaloo in the besan solution
  5. Fry the pakode in the kadai…
  6. Your aloo pakode is ready. Enjoy with tea.

Recipes for Holi Festival

paneer pakoraIf you are planning about what to prepare on Holi, I have some suggestions. On this Holi, you can prepare numbers of ready to make snacks and sweets. You can try bread pakora, paneer pakora, aaloo pakora and pyaj pakora. If you have not prepared homemade chips, then you can buy it from shop. You just need to fry it on high temperature oil.

In sweets, you can make all time Holi favorite gujia. You can also prepare gulab jamun at home as it is very easy to prepare.

Happy Holi.