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Hello friends…

My friend has a RCM PUC (pick up center) but RCM business is not working these days so he is facing financial problems as there is no selling of products from the PUC. He is very much tensed about the PUC as he has invested more than 5 lacks in opening this PUC. It is very bad news that RCM business is not available from last 3 months. Very bad luck friend.

RCM Latest News South India

this is srivani chatting with u

from warangal

andhra pradesh state

south india

sir i want the information regarding RCM

when the net is going to open

my life lines are asking me regarding this

ya offcourse

ya we are very confident on the issue

but atleast we need the information abut

tc ji

is very think k

thanks for your positive answer

actually every one is suffering for products

so when the products is going to relese

what is tha main reason this pepole are suffering tcji and rcm

what is FIR filed on rcm

and tcji

RCM Distributor Letter to RCM MD T.C. Chabra


Anirban Paul,

33, Bankim Sarani,

Deshbandhupara, Siliguri-734 004(WB).


Sh. T.C. Chabra,

MD RCM India.



I have joined your system on 22-05-2010  with a Distributor No. 12344616  . On the day of my joining I have been firmly declare to my Sponsor / Senior that I could not maintain or even initiate for network and they assured me that if I can gain 10 points and maintained a purchasing of RCM products for Rs.1,000/- per month you will get minimum Rs.4,000/- bonus on completion of 12 months after purchasing of Rs.12,000/- (Rs.1000/- per month) from the date of achieving of 10 points (July,2010). But Sir, I regret to inform you that I have not got  even one Rupee as Bonus after 19 months and purchasing of Rs.1000 + per month from my date of getting 10 points. 

2.         Sir, I have purchased RCM products under my distributor number for Rs.22,293/-(appx. as per available bills with me) (Rupees Twenty two thousand two hundred ninety three only ) till December,2011 and got Commission for Rs.1,837/- (Rupees One thousand eight hundred thirty-seven only ) through my Bank A/c No.11168740147 . But I am not aware that what is the procedure of calculating the commission for a ordinary distributor, please let me know the details.

The persons, who have obstruct me to join to RCM system telling that the system is suitable and beneficial for the person who can maintained a good net-work only and for simple distributor are only help to get commission of the networker of RCM, Sir, are they truth? If not please let me know about the future of the ordinary distributor like me!

Under the above fact of mine, I request your good-self to contribute a little time from your huge assignments and let me know your position in this regard at the earliest for my consolation as-well-as other such distributors, if any in my City.

Awaiting for your perfect, positive and prompt reply.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dated: 21-02-2012.



RCM High Court Case News 13 February 2012 in Hindi

Hello to all RCM distributors and leaders…

I am sure that all of you are waiting for the results of the RCM case. The case is still pending in the high court and results may be declare on the 13 February 2012. This Monday is very special to the RCM parivar. Lets see what will happen to the RCM business.

Jai RCM – Hame Phir se chayhiey APNA RCM

Yaar kya ho gaya hai apne business ko?

kaise theek hoga apna RCM business…

RCM News 24 January 2012 Dainik Bhaskar Hindi

Hello friends…

What is the news regarding the high court hearing of RCM case on the date of 23rd January 2012? Any dicision came? When the RCM business will work again? What will happen to the APna RCM? Any news in the Dainik Bhaskar in Hindi about RCM business case?

what is the real posission of rcm now?