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Baby Names Website

Hello Friends…

As you know that last month I am blessed with the baby girl. The name of my daughter is Chesta. Her full name is Chesta Khulbe. Getting her name was not an easy task as my friends and relatives suggest me to have a unique baby girl name. But I want to keep my baby’s name that contains some good meaning. As I am a from Brahmin family so namkaran ceremony held at my home and according to her kundali, we get the initials CH or L. I searched numbers of websites for getting good baby girl name from the initials CH or L. But I did not find any good name.

While searching on the net, I got a website I waved this website around half an hour and find my baby girl name. This is very good website for getting unique baby names. With this website, you can find baby names not only from India, even all over the country.

This website not only features baby names. You will find numbers of other features on this website like you can participate in photo contest. You can also get numbers of tips and articles on baby care. With the help of forum, you can discuss with numbers of topics related to the baby health and nutrition.

Link Building Company in UK

Hello friends…

If you are finding best link building company in UK, you are on the right page. I am here with you for helping on this matter. I have more than 1000 websites from where I can give you quality one way back links. The price for getting link from 1000 websites is $20000. With this link package, you can get great search engine ranking on major search engine. My sites are on theme and you will get excellent links for your link building packages. If you are interested on link building project, send me an email on my ID.

Features of this link building project

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What Do You Think About Union Budget 2012?

My wife is asking me what you think about Union Budget 2012. So I am posting my reviews on the Union Budget 2012. Well, first of all we need to review about the things going up and down. Here is the list of some of the material whose prices are going to up or down.

What’s Up

  1. Cars
  2. Cigarettes
  3. CDs, DVDs, VCDs
  4. Pan, Masala, Gutka
  5. ULIP premiums
  6. Air, rail travel
  7. Ipads, gadgets
  8. Money changing services

What’s Down

  1. LED Lamps
  2. Branded readymade garments
  3. Gold coins at 99.5% purity
  4. Intraocular lenses
  5. Non-leather footwear up to Rs500
  6. Stay at hotels

मेरे Ubislate7+ tablet PC की आर्डर नंबर है "PME60CB" जो मुझे नहीं मीला.

Datawind Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
8148, Jubilee Complex,
Sultanwind Road,
Amritsar – १४३००१

सुब्जेक्ट :  मेरे Ubislate7+ tablate PC की आर्डर  नंबर
है “PME60CB” जो मुझे नहीं मीला.
सर           मै  जीत बहादुर थापा जोधपुर राजस्थान से .
मैने Ubislate7+ के लीय advanced पेमेंट भेजा  था दिनाक  ०७-०१-२०१२ को
cheque no . ६४१००३ पंजाब  नेशनल बैंक का  . पर मुझे अभी तक नही मिला है
, यह करीब तीन महीना होने को आया है उसका कोही जबाफ नही ना इन्फ्रोमेसन
है  कब मेले . कृपया  मुझे जल्द से जल्द मेरा  Ubislate7+ भेज ने के कष्ट
करे   . ओउर मेने  आपके टूल फ्री नंबर में एक दो बार फोन पर भी  बात किया
था पर कोही ढंग से जबाफ नही देते . में कब तक इंतजार करूँ ?में  बहूत
परिसान होने लगा हूँ, मुझे मेरा  Ubislate7+ कब तक मेलेगा ?
..आशा है आप इस ओर ध्यान देगें….धन्यबाद

( जीत बहादुर थापा )

मनोबल बी-४ शास्त्री नगर जोधपुर राजस्थान

पिन कोड ३४२००३ मोबाइल नंबर : +९१७७३७७९१०४७

IGNOU Exam Form at Rajghat Delhi

Hello friends…

If your study center is in Delhi then you can fill your exam form at Rajghat, IGNOU regional center. But make your DD first as there is no bank near the Rajghat so you will get in trouble. The banks are located in the Darya Ganj which is very far from Rajghat center. So I will suggest you to keep your DD and fully filled exam form at the IGNOU Rajghat center. Best of luck for your exam.

How to Prepare Aaloo K Pakode

Friends…I was getting bore in the evening as no one was there and Sachin was playing very slowly. So I went in to the kitchen and found something to eat. My bad luck as there was nothing to eat. Then I planned for preparing aaloo k pakode.

As I love to cook so it was not a big deal for me. By the way, if you want to try my aloo k pakode recipe, you can go with these steps.

Necessary ingredients

  1. Aaloo 2 big
  2. Besan
  3. Oil
  4. Salt, Mirch, Haldi, Dhania powder

Preparation method

  1. First of all cut the potatoes in chips form.
  2. Now heat oil in the kadai.
  3. At the same time, make a thin solution of besan with the help of water and add salt, mirch, haldi, dhania powder.
  4. Put chips aaloo in the besan solution
  5. Fry the pakode in the kadai…
  6. Your aloo pakode is ready. Enjoy with tea.

Sachin Tendulkar Maha Shatak and Union Budget Funny SMS

Hi guys

Mahashatak to ban gaya…par India haar gai…Ye India k liye Khusi or Gam saath hi aata hai…

Do you have any funny sms related to the Sachin Tendulkar and Union Budget?

Both these big events came on the same day…It is a good news for India.

Challo aaj Jaan chuti Sachin bhai ki.

Ab kon se record k liye Sachin ko tadpaana hai???????

16/03/2012 at 4.36pm. Get this ?? Split up in group of two and add: 16+03+20+12+43+6=100. A Century of Centuries by Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.


Anna Hajare Next Ansan 25 March 11 Am

Anna is bar to aar ya par hoga. Is bar agar sarkar ne hamara bil pass na ki to upa sarkar ka desh se safaya ho jayega. Waise v rail budget k karan sarkar par khatra bana hai.

Anna aap aage bado hum tmhare sathe he

25 March 11 Am jantar mantar me

Anna ji tum sangarsh karo ham tumhare sath h

Pradeep Chandra Is baar bill pass nhi hua to sonia or manmohan ki maa ki aankh kr denge

Sachin Tendulkar Personal Email ID

Sachin bhai…best wishes to you…I am harish and sending this email to you…Sachin you did it…you are really genius…

i am also posting on your twitter account…

You have got nice hair style…you are looking so  young…

Abhishek Bachchan how good is Sachin? he’s the BEST. period! stop analyzing him. stop being cynical. just celebrate him!

BIG B Tweets India breathes normally ..!! Sachin completes an incredible feat !! A hundred 100’s .. Never done before, perhaps never after !!!

Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 Century – Best Wishes SMS – Mahashatak Done


Sachin is very near to his 100 century. While writing this article, he was batting on the 99. Let’s see when he will complete his century.

Friends…post your best wishes sms regarding Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 Century here.

Congratulations Sachin…You are very near to your 100th ton…Just do it…

1 over maidan….Sachin was batting and 1 over goes maidan…thats shows pressure on Sachin…

or 1 run ke sath sachin 100 pura


now see the real tendulkar…great batting…he is playing freely after getting 100…great Sachin…genius Sachin…Best wishes dude…

Sachin hair style – han bhabhi bhi yahi kaha rahi thi ki Sachin ka hair style mast hai

haan yaar

ab dekha kaise run marega

ghanta marega

saale ne 2 free hit chor di

ab to out kar do kamine ko

arey maar diya bhai


maha satak

4 ya 6

aur kya

teer maar diya na saale ne


halat kharab ho gayi sale ki


2 saal baad itni der pitch pe bitayai h sale ne

chalo finaly ab new player ko chance milega

4 run maar diye
hume iske 100 ki khusi nhi h new player aane ki khusi h
tb se saala run nhi maar rha tha
ab dikhne lag gayi h baal saale ko
6 over reh gaye ab bs
jaan to reh nhi gayi h saale me puri jaan laga rha h shot marne me b

total k kya chance hai

pehle to 300 tk the
ab dekho 280 ban jaye wahi bahut h
verna 300+ to bante h boss
yaha 10-12 run per over aane chaiye

ab to bat v nahi utth raha hoga us se

6 run
raina k


abhi over hote to riana b usse aage nikal jata

Raina avg. la sakta hai

300+ banege boss
inka 1 fast bolwer b nhi h
injust ho gaya h
shaiful islaam
is over me gaya sachin

finaly sachin k jaane k party to banti hai

abhi nhi jayega ye bro


abhi to aur khlega ye

aisa mat bol

4 run
raina k

kai ladko ka career kharab kar diya saale ne
like u

ab to 2-2 match h
india pakistan ke

20 saal ummmmmmmm

saala 1 run hi le rha h
2 run to bhag nhi sakta saala

2 ki to aukaat hi nahi hai
to 1 hi lega


4 run

raina k


ye abnda hi kaam ka h bus