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Drug De-addiction Counselor in Delhi

HI guys.

Drug abuse is one of the social problems. Numbers of families are facing crisis in their home due to the drug abuse. If you are one of the victims, I am here to help you.

My name is Harish Chandra and I am a certified drug de-addiction counselor. If you are looking for advice about how to stop taking drugs or how to start the treatment, you can consult with me. I am offering my services as a drug de-addiction counselor in Delhi.

Medicines for Chicken Pox (Choti Mata)

Hi guys
My cousin was suffering from the Chicken Pox. This disease is also known as Choti Mata locally. He got small pimples all over his body.
He told that me that he is not able to sleep properly. He was also facing problem in eating the food as swallowing process was making trouble.
Then he visited to the doctor for consultancy. His doctor advised him to take following medicines.
• Ocuvir 800 mg
• Levocet and
• Calapure lotion
8 days have been passed. He is improving day by day but still facing too much weakness. He is on the bed rest and not attended the office from last one week.

He is taking the dawai of Choti Mata.

Whey Protein Isolate vs Platinum Hydro Whey

Hello friends…

I am planning to take supplement for having a good physique. I am 28 years old and just joined the gym. My instructor provided the information on how supplements are helpful. He has two brands in his shop. They are Whey Protein Isolate and Platinum Hydro Whey. I am confused for buying. Please provide me information on both of the products.

Mibeta SR 20 and Mibeta SR 40 Tablets Side Effects and Price

Hello guys…

One of my relatives is suffering from migraine and nausea. Doctor advised him to have Mibeta 20 tablets for 30 days. I asked with my chemist for this tablet but he offered me Mibeta SR 40 and told me to have ½ tablets two times in a day. The price of the Mibeta SR 40 / 10 tablets is Rs34.

I want to know about the side effects of this tablet. Can we consume it in normal headache?


How to Increase Eye Sight

HI guys

With the regular eye exercises, you can increase your eye sight.

Rinse your eyes with ice-cold water 4-5 times in a day.

Start doing morning walk. It is good to walk on the green grass.

Eat yellow fruits like Papaya, Mango.

Consume green vegetables.

Go for eye clinic for regular eye check-up.

Kidney Donors NGOs Agency Person in Delhi India

Hello guys…

One of my cousins has been lost her kidneys. Both of her kidneys are not working and she is on the dialysis. She is admitted in the Kailash Hospital, Noida. Her blood group is A+.

Friends, if you know any kidney donor agency or NGO from where I can get any kind of help, please contact me at 9716980784.

If any person wants to donate his/her kidney, call me on the given number above.

Its very urgent as case is very critical now.

What is Trans Fat – Chips Noodles Are Dangerous For Health

Chips Noodles Are Dangerous For HealthHi guys

Have you got the news? All the snacks we are consuming are not safe for our health. Chips, Noodles, Bread, Chowmein and all numbers of other snacks are not good for health. All these snacks contain Trans Fat.

Trans Fat is an artificial fat and produces fat in our body that increases cholesterol and hence heart attack problems.

So guys, avoid these snacks.

What are Swine Flu Symptoms?

Summer has been started in India and we have to protect ourselves with numbers of flues. With this article, I am sharing about what are swine flu symptoms?

Well, the swine flu symptoms are same as other flues. Like

  1. Swine Flu SymptomsFever,
  2. Cough,
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Sore throat,
  6. Runny nose,
  7. Body aches,
  8. Headache,
  9. Chills,
  10. Fatigue

As these symptoms are very similar to other flues so that does not mean you are suffering from Swine Flu. Go to your doctor and he will recommend you about the flu test.