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IGNOU MSW BSW Guidance on Field Work Journal

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Basic Steps in Community Organization

In the social work course, we have to do community organization work with the people of the community. For the social worker, it is very difficult to start as he/she faces problems in making the relationships with the community people. So here are some basic steps for starting the community organization work.
• Go to the community with your agency supervisor who will help you in making the relationships with the people of the community. You can also go with any volunteers or any other staff person who is already aware about that community.
• Visit to the streets and common meeting places of the community. It can be chaupal, aaganbari center, community hall or any other place.
• Check the conditions of the streets, sanitation and other facts of the community.
• Try to find out the history of the community and also conditions of the people living there. You can note their education profile, conditions of their children, their work nature and other information.
• Try to establish good relationships with the respected people of the agency. They will help you in making the core team.
• Try to find out the culture of the community. Follow their traditions during your visit to the community.

A social worker can play important role in mobilizing the community for achieving the common goals of the community.

Community Organization Reports in IGNOU MSW BSW Course

Community organization is an important term in the social work practice. Community organization is used to mobilize the community people for achieving the goals of the community development. In the IGNOU MSW and BSW course, you need to write community organization Reports in your field work journal.

You need to take care about the steps involved in the community organization. Meet with the people of the community and with the help of their experience and problems, you need to make an action plan for solving their problems.

Individual Case Work Report Writing Sample IGNOU MSW Course

Case Work and Counseling are important tools in social work. Individual Case Work is a special technique of social work where we find and solve the problem of any individual person. In my social work course (IGNOU MSW), I solved various cases. While working with the children, I found their problems and tried to solve the issues. Most of the children were suffering from their family related issues as their parents do not love them and they were feeling alone.

I also worked on a case of domestic violence where the woman was suffering from dowry related case. While working with the youngsters, I solved the case of drug addiction. One 18 year old beneficiary of the agency was taking drugs from the long time and I motivated him to quit the drug.

Methods of case work (4Ps of case work)

a. Person– client, significant others and collaterals
b. Problem- need, impaired social functioning
c. Place– agency, objectives, functions, policies and resources.
d. Process– casework intervention

Principles of Social Casework Practice

  • Begin where the client is.
  • Individualization
  • Purposeful expression of feelings
  • Controlled emotional involvement
  • Acceptance
  • Non-judgemental attitude
  • Client self determination
  • Confidentiality

Group Work Activities with Children – IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal

Group work is my favorite activity in the social work. I love to work with children in group. In the MSW, I did various group work activities with the children of Salaam Balak Trust and Bal Sahyog.

I formed two groups having 10 children in each group and with the group work activities, I observed their progress, their team work and collected the details about their problem. I observed that children perform well while working in the group and it is also beneficial for social worker. The children played various games in group and they also help each other. The group work also gives an emotional bond between the members.

IGNOU BSW Field Work Journal

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