Chesta Khulbe at Traffic Training Park Roshanara Road Delhi

Traffic Training Park is located on the Roshanara Road Delhi. This traffic training park is one of best traffic training parks of Delhi. Operated by Delhi Traffic Police, this park is best for learning traffic rules.

Last Sunday, we also visited there. Chesta was looking very happy in the park. She enjoyed the ride on many swings. We also visited to the Roshanara Park situated next to the Traffic Training Park. This park is one of the oldest parks of Delhi and biggest as well.

We enjoyed various snacks like Chole Bhature, Chowmein and Dhokla. It was the great weekend.

Traffic Training Park Roshanara Road Delhi

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Standard SIM, Micro SIM and NANO SIM

HI guys…

Here is the difference between the Standard SIM, Micro SIM and NANO SIM.

I have Moto G 16 GB and I am using the Micro SIM.




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How to Clean Computer Desks / Table

computer-tableIf you are planning to clean your computer table this Sunday, here is the tips.

You need clean cotton cloth and Colin cleaner.

First of all remove all the things placed on the table. Clean the dust using the cotton cloth and then drop colin cleaner over the table. With the help of cotton cloth, rub the computer table from top to bottom. You can add more drops of cleaner for getting a shinny look. Dry completely.

I suggest you to clean the computer table twice in a week so that you can receive a fresh environment of working on your computer desk.

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Chesta Khulbe Enjoying Ice-cream near the bank of the River Yamuna

Chesta Khulbe Enjoying Ice-cream Chesta is very fond of ice-cream. Her favorite flavor is vanilla but she is also fond of Bharka Devi Ice-cream. This picture captured near the bank of the River Yamuna in Sonia Vihar when she was enjoying her ice-cream cone.

Enjoying ice-cream while watching River Yamuna.


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What Is Kaali Jeeri – Buy Kaali Jeeri Online

kali-jeeriHI guys…

I have got a weight loss recipe and I need kali Jeeri for making the complete powder. I am trying the Kali Jeeri at various Pansari shops but I am not getting it.  Can anyone tell me what is the Kali jeeri and how can I buy it online?

I need Kali Jeeri urgently.


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Encounter in Sonia Vihar near Zero Pusta

In the early morning around 6.30am a gangster from UP killed by the Delhi Police. The incident was held at zero pusta of Sonia Vihar. The name of the gangster was Firoz.

Encounter in Sonia Vihar near Zero Pusta

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Moto G 16GB Gifted by Bhawana Khulbe

motorola-moto-g-400x400-imadsmbwhznhucjjWonderful gift from Dear Bhawana Khulbe (my wife). It is Moto G 16GB. The phone is extra ordinary having the great features. I am still checking the specifications. I will post the detailed review about this phone very soon.

Thank you dear. It is a perfect birthday gift.

It is also my first Android phone.


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Janmastami Festival in Sonia Vihar

Sonia Vihar hosted a colourful  Janmastami Festival at the zero pusta near the bank of the river Yamuna. The artists from the Mathura and Vrindavan presented a great Janmastami jhankis. The decoration was great.

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Importance of Communication Skills while working with the clients

In the social work field work practice, communication skills are important for receiving the inputs from your client. Your effective communication skill will be helpful to you and your client for understanding the things clearly.

Before starting the conversion, it is necessary to do some home work. It will be good if you can find out the likes and dislikes of your client so that you can talk on the topics that your client likes. For making the things interesting, ask some general questions about his life. Do not do long interview sessions as it can bring boredom.

Active listening is also necessary so that you can catch the every word your client told. Use the local language and do not use difficult words in the conversion.

In the first meeting, try to establish professional relationships.

For more details on IGNOU MSW or IGNOU BSW course, visit

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My First Wireless Mouse

Quantum Wireless MouseHi guys…

I got my first wireless mouse on my 29th birthday from my brother. Make by Quantum, it is a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse having 1 year warranty. The price of the mouse is Rs350 and it is purchased from Wajir Pur Industrial Area. It was a perfect birthday gift.

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