How to Check the Status of New Ration Card Delhi

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If you have applied for the new ration card based on the right to food schemes, then you can track the status of the ration card online. Here is the link for checking the status or you can use this direct link
For checking the status, you need to enter the Aadhar card number of any family member or you can also enter the application number of your ration card form.

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List Of Hindi Songs For Birthday

Hello friends….
Today is the birthday of my niece and I am looking for birthday songs for celebration. I have downloaded some old Hindi birthday songs like Hum bhi agar Bachay hote naam hamara hota gablu bablu, hum bhi agar bache hote…but I want more songs for the birthday celebration.
Please provide me list of Hindi songs for birthday.

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First Birthday of Tabbu

आज तब्बू का पहला बर्थडे है

तब्बू (रिद्धि), चेस्टा के मामा की लड़की ….आज सुबह से ही चेस्टा काफ़ी रोमांचित है नानी के घर जाने को…. क्यंकि आज तब्बू का पहला बर्थडे पहला है …
अभी स्कूल से आने ही वाली है ओर आते ही चलो चलो होने वाली है…


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मम्मा मुजे स्कूल मैं अछा नही लगता

chesta-going-to-schoolचेस्टा को स्कूल जाते जाते पन्द्रह दिन हो गये पर अभी तक उसका मन स्कूल मैं नही लग रहा हालाँकि स्कूल जाने के लिए वो टाइम पर उठ जाती है पर उसके चेहरे से लगता है की उसका स्कूल जाने का मन नही है…
मम्मा मुजे स्कूल मैं अछा नही लगता …मम्मा मुजे जल्दी लेने के लिए आ जाना…बस यही कहते कहते वो स्कूल के गेट से अन्दर चली जाती है…पी टी के ढोल की आवाज़ उसको रोमांचित कर देती है …खाना भी खा कर नही आती …..

ओर घर आने के बाद…
पापा मैडम मुजे गुड़ नही देती….ओर मैं सिर्फ़ रेड वाली मैडम के साथ जाऊंगा

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Price of Tomato in Delhi

Hi guys…

What is the price of tomato in your city? I live in Sonia Vihar and at here the price is 40Rs/kg. The price are silently increasing due to heavy rains in some places of India from where the tomato come.

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Manwa Laage Happy New Year Mp3 Download #ManwaLaage

Hello friends…
I want to get the Manwa Laage MP3 song. This song is from the movie Happy New Year. I watched this song on the YouTube. Both SRK and Deepika are looking very good in this song. The lyrics is awesome and the singers did a great job.
I searched on many websites about the Manva Lage Happy New Year Mp3 but not getting. Where to download the Manva Lage Happy New Year Mp3?
It is also trending on the Twitter with #ManwaLaage.

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Community Organization Reports in IGNOU MSW BSW Course

Community organization is an important term in the social work practice. Community organization is used to mobilize the community people for achieving the goals of the community development. In the IGNOU MSW and BSW course, you need to write community organization Reports in your field work journal.

You need to take care about the steps involved in the community organization. Meet with the people of the community and with the help of their experience and problems, you need to make an action plan for solving their problems.

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In How many days Google Adsense Payment Credit in Indian Bank Account (EFT)

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I am using the Google Adsense on my website. As the Google Adsense is now paying the payment with the Indian Bank Account using the wire transfer, so I want to know about in how many days Google Adsense payment credit in Indian bank account.

My payment has been issued on the 4th September 2014 and today is 9th September 2014 but I have not got any payment in my HDFC bank account. I added the payment form with the complete information like account number, IFSC code, Swift Code, Bank name and Payee Name. I am not getting any information about the electronic fund transfer (EFT).

I have the reference number but still I am not getting any link to track my payment.

Can anyone tell me about how many days it will take and what should be the bank charges?

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 Sonia Vihar Yamuna Beach Awesome Weather

HI guys…

Just see this image and you can feel the royal weather at the Sonia Vihar Yamuna Beach. I captured this photo last evening when I was on the round of Sonia Vihar Yamuna Beach with Chesta Khulbe, my daughter. The tiny drops of rains were also there and the clouds were making great scene. It was the best weather for outing.

 Sonia Vihar Yamuna Beach Awesome Weather

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Tips for Effective Delegation – NGO Management Tips

For a smooth functioning of a NGO, delegation is required. Here I am offering information on tips for effective delegation.

Delegation is the assignment of responsibility or authority to another person. It is the responsibility and authority for performing a particular contractual duty is transferred to another party. Delegation is an important activity in the management. One of the important components of effective delegation is communication. Your communication should be clear and on the topic.

In the smooth management, the effective delegation plays an important role. Before delegation, you first analyze the need and explore your options. You can hire a new employee or can take help of existing employee or can hire a virtual assistant for your project. So it is necessary to check the need first.

After that ready your documents and assign to the delegate. Your documentation should be clear and fine. Develop a prioritized assignment plan for the smooth delegation. Use the technology for completing the task on time.

Cultivate trust and it is necessary. Respect each other and perform your task honestly. Effective communication and active listening are the key skills for the effective delegation.

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