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Alex Paediatric Drops Review – Is it safe for baby

Hello friends…

My baby is around 3 months. She is suffering from cough and cold. My doctor is prescribed with the Alex Paediatric Drops. I want to know is the Alex Paediatric Drops safe for the baby. Is there any harmful effect of the Alex Paediatric Drops?

Baby care is really a very tough task.

Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatment of Migraine

Hello friends…
One of my friends is suffering from the Migraine. He has been tried treatment in the best hospitals located in the Delhi. He has been tested his ear and eyes. He is using -0.25D spectacles. At present he is consuming the Mibeta SR40 but not getting any benefits with the treatment. Now he is planning to have the Ayurvedic remedies and Treatment of Migraine.
Please suggest me any home Ayurvedic remedies and Treatment of Migraine.

Ambrolite Syrup Price – Ambrolite Syrup Side Effects – Ambrolite Syrup Review

HI guys

It is not my first review on the medicines. I am a father of 1 year old baby.

My 1 year old baby was suffering from cough. My family doctor asked me to provide Ambrolite Syrup. Doctor asked me to give 3 doses of 2.5ml per day. She is recovering now. She is feeling good. My doctor also told to give Augmentin dry syrup.

The price of the Ambrolite Syrup is Rs54 in Delhi. But I am confused about side effects of Ambrolite Syrup.

Bal Tod Images – Bal Tod Treatment in Hindi – Baal Tod ka Elaj Ilaj

Bhai bahut dard hota hai yaar Baal Tod hone par…

Sala theek bhi nahi hota hai jadli se

Kam se kam 5-6 din lag jate hai isko theek hone main…

Waat laga deta hai ye  Bal Tod..

Kuch bhi laga lo…lekin Bal Tod theek to apne time par hi hota hai….

Bhagwan kare kisi ko bhi Bal Tod na ho…

Bas pain relief hi kha rha hu.

Bal Tod Images

Mibeta SR 20 and Mibeta SR 40 Tablets Side Effects and Price

Hello guys…

One of my relatives is suffering from migraine and nausea. Doctor advised him to have Mibeta 20 tablets for 30 days. I asked with my chemist for this tablet but he offered me Mibeta SR 40 and told me to have ½ tablets two times in a day. The price of the Mibeta SR 40 / 10 tablets is Rs34.

I want to know about the side effects of this tablet. Can we consume it in normal headache?


What are Swine Flu Symptoms?

Summer has been started in India and we have to protect ourselves with numbers of flues. With this article, I am sharing about what are swine flu symptoms?

Well, the swine flu symptoms are same as other flues. Like

  1. Swine Flu SymptomsFever,
  2. Cough,
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Sore throat,
  6. Runny nose,
  7. Body aches,
  8. Headache,
  9. Chills,
  10. Fatigue

As these symptoms are very similar to other flues so that does not mean you are suffering from Swine Flu. Go to your doctor and he will recommend you about the flu test.

Vantej Toothpaste by Dr Reddy’s

Hello friends…

My wife is suffering from teeth problem. Her front two teeth are fixed by the doctor and while going for brush, she is feeling little pain. We visited to the doctor and the dentist advised her to Vantej Toothpaste by Dr Reddy’s. I also used it and found that it is different from other toothpaste like Colgate or Closeup. This toothpaste is especially for sensitive teeth.

Bactoclav Dry Syrup and Alex Paediatric Drops

Hello guys…

My 3 months old daughter Chesta is suffering from cough and cold. Today I visited to the hospital and doctor referred some medicines. The names are Bactoclav Dry Syrup and Alex Paediatric Drops. Bactoclav Dry Syrup is a powder and doctor advised me to the make solutions with hot water.