UP Election Opinion Poll 2012

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UP Vidhan Sabha elections are coming. What do you think about who is going to win or who will be the new chief minister of the Uttar Pradesh? What is your opinion? Who will be the chief minister if Congress wins the election 2012? Will Mayawati again come on the Chief Minister seat? Share your opinion and opinion poll about the Uttar Pradesh (UP) election 2012.

10 thoughts on “UP Election Opinion Poll 2012

  1. Avinash Malhotra

    I had been researching on UP Assembly elections for long and my submission to your question is as follows :

    Congress is likely to get 65 seats plus 15 from Ajit Singh (total 80).

    If congress reaches this number Mulayam Singh Yadav would be the CM supported by Congress.

  2. Ramesh Kumar

    BJP would be the single largest party with around 160+ seatrs, followed by Mayawati with 95+ seats , followed by Mulayam with 80+ seats , followed by congress with 45+ ( plus 15+ seats of Ajit Singh) and Approx 10 independent.
    So a Hung Assembly….
    If BJP makes GOvt. with someone’s Support ( Either Rajnath Singh or Uma Bharti would be made CM )

  3. Kavitha MISHRA

    I’m in contact with all district mucipal offices, and panchayat office in UP.

    My analysis reflects :

    BJP : 120-140
    BSP : 95 – 110
    SP : 80 – 100
    CONGRESS : 40 – 60
    OTHERS : 20 – 30


    @AVINASH & OTHERS, What sort of research u people have done ?. Listen to me now. I am from UP. And here is the way to judge the result. Till today(20 Jan 2011), Congress and BJP campaigning has drawn very thin crowd and in some places u will hardly notice even 50 people standing before Rahul’s talk. We can even see this on TV channels. One will notice that national TV news channels are flashing only Rahul Gandhis’s face. But they hardly show the crowd. And SP is there just here and there. Every single corner of UP has crowds in 2 to 3 Lakhs for Maya’s BSP. None of us will be surprised if she gets all 300 seats. Please update your vision.

  5. vishal

    IN my opinion maya will come again due to her face influence and i think all are agreed with the fact in maya govt all officers do their work.and curruption is not ghar ki mail pocha lagaya khatam ho gaya aur jo parties itne wade karti hain ki ye arachan denge kya garib sawarn ko jeene ka hak nahi hai app 60 percent kar do aur 40 percent upper cast ke liye chod do but in that list do not involve that person who is backward and get high merit he will take seat in their kota.aur ek family me sarkari naukri me ek ko hi arachan do because if a shedule cast is d.m then i thinkation there is no need to his family for reserv

  6. M Singh

    what about baba ramdev’s campaign? it will make the difference, falks………………. think big, think indian, no matter we are habitual slave. earliar under britishers and now the same roll played by italian maal brought to ….. in india. think over it, she is a russian (KGB) intelligence spy plotted through Rajiv Gandhi in India. smash her if u r a real Indian. Jaihind.


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