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Is Our Generation Happier Than Our Parents Generation?

There are many likes and dislikes on this topic. But what do you think who is better? Our parent’s generation or our generation?

Well it is clear that we have enough facilities as compared to our parent’s generation. We have internet, mobile phone, tablets and other super gadgets for great lifestyle. But we don’t have enough time to talk with our parents, our relatives and friends. We are very busy in our lifestyle and there is no space for other. We have twitter, facebook and other social media but no time for real face to face connection.

If you compared it with our parent’s generation then you will find that they have great real social life. How can you forget your childhood days when we visited our relative home during weekend? At that time they do not have email/internet even telephone but all of them were connected with each other.

There are numbers of other topics for discussion about our lifestyle. But if we compared the lifestyle of both generation then our generation is happy in my view.

Chart on Dignity Of Labour

Hello friends…

I want to make a chart on dignity of labour. As we all know in the developing country there is no value of physical work. All the physical workers are treated as uneducated. People gave less importance to them. So I want to focus on this social issue. Please share your tips on my email id given below.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Nitin Chugh who is my Facebook friend. Thanks mate for getting me.

Hello Friends… 

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