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Manwa Laage Happy New Year Mp3 Download #ManwaLaage

Hello friends…
I want to get the Manwa Laage MP3 song. This song is from the movie Happy New Year. I watched this song on the YouTube. Both SRK and Deepika are looking very good in this song. The lyrics is awesome and the singers did a great job.
I searched on many websites about the Manva Lage Happy New Year Mp3 but not getting. Where to download the Manva Lage Happy New Year Mp3?
It is also trending on the Twitter with #ManwaLaage.

Kingfisher Calendar 2014 – Kingfisher Calender 2014 Prices

Kingfisher Calendar 2014The shooting of the Kingfisher Calendar 2014 is going on. It is one of the most famous calenders in the world. The Kingfisher Calendar is known for the lady models having semi-nude poses. Kingfisher Calendar is one of the oldest fashion based calendar. Check out the image of one of the models shooing for the Kingfisher Calendar 2014 session. The price of the calendar is not set yet.

Dance India Dance DID Super Moms Judges

Hi guys

Dance India Dance Super Moms is one of my favorite reality shows. I watched the episodes of auditiosn and they were superb. It is very interesting to see the super moms in the Dance India Dance.

Do you want to know who will be the judges in the Dance India Dance Super Moms?

Farah Khan, Marzi Pestonji and Mithun Chakraborty will be the judges while four skippers Raghav Crockroaz Juyal, Prince Gupta, Siddhesh Pai and Jai Kumar Nair will be the choreographers of the season.

Paad Ki Aawaj – Different Types of Farts Sound

Hello friends…

Do you know Paad is a mixture of various gases? In English it is known as Fart. In the pahari, it is known as gan.

I got a special website on the paad. There are numbers of farts sounds in the website. Here is the link. Just open it and play your favorite Paad Ki Aawaj.

We know all human beings fart. It makes fun sometimes. Have fun.

Salman Khan Birthday Wishes

Hello friends…

27 December 1965 is the date of birth of Salman Khan. We are going to celebrate the birthday of Salman Khan, one of my favorite actors. He is the best macho man of the Bollywood. I like his all movies specially Dabanng, and Bodyguard. He is the real King of the Bollywood.

He is also a social worker and providing funds to numbers of NGO. He is also managing his own NGO Being Human.

Hey Salman Khan, if you are reading my blog, please accept my birthday wishes. I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday.