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How to Install Windows 7 in Computer – How to Format Computer

It is very easy to format your computer. You can easily manage the computer formatting process with this simple article. Read to know more about how to format and install new copy of your favorite operating system Windows 7.

  1. For formatting your PC, you have to Windows 7 DVD. Now start with the given procedure.
  2. Insert the Windows 7 DVD in your DVD drive and starts follow the instructions available on the screen.
  3. Press any key for boot.
  4. Your computer will automatically load the windows files. It will take so much time so you can prepare a cup of coffee in this spare time.
  5. Your computer will re-start several times in this process so don’t be irritate.
  6. After the loading, your computer will ask about set the time and date.
  7. And now, your PC is ready to use.
  8. Install drivers and other software.

My Tata Photon + Internet is Working Very Slowly

Hi guys

I am using Tata Photon + internet modem on my laptop. From the morning it is working very slowly. Sometimes it is not responding and going automatically disconnect. I have restarted my PC several times but problem remains the same. Please suggest me some tips.

My CPU is not Opening

Hello friends…

I am facing big problem with my computer desktop. I repaired it last night with my friend and it was running good. Today, I tried to start my PC but it is not opening. CPU lights are going on for only 2 seconds and after that there is no movement on CPU. But the light and fans inside the CPU are working. I plugged out all the plugs and again tried but the same problem occurs. Any suggestions…