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मम्मा मुजे स्कूल मैं अछा नही लगता

chesta-going-to-schoolचेस्टा को स्कूल जाते जाते पन्द्रह दिन हो गये पर अभी तक उसका मन स्कूल मैं नही लग रहा हालाँकि स्कूल जाने के लिए वो टाइम पर उठ जाती है पर उसके चेहरे से लगता है की उसका स्कूल जाने का मन नही है…
मम्मा मुजे स्कूल मैं अछा नही लगता …मम्मा मुजे जल्दी लेने के लिए आ जाना…बस यही कहते कहते वो स्कूल के गेट से अन्दर चली जाती है…पी टी के ढोल की आवाज़ उसको रोमांचित कर देती है …खाना भी खा कर नही आती …..

ओर घर आने के बाद…
पापा मैडम मुजे गुड़ नही देती….ओर मैं सिर्फ़ रेड वाली मैडम के साथ जाऊंगा

How to Adjust Kids in School Settings

Hi guys…

My baby started going to school from today and as it was the first day, she cried all the times she spent in school. It was also a tough situation for me. I think adjusting the kids in the school setting is one of the difficult tasks for parents. The manager of the school advised that she will cry for 3-4 days for more and after that she will adjust automatically.

Ambrolite Syrup Price – Ambrolite Syrup Side Effects – Ambrolite Syrup Review

HI guys

It is not my first review on the medicines. I am a father of 1 year old baby.

My 1 year old baby was suffering from cough. My family doctor asked me to provide Ambrolite Syrup. Doctor asked me to give 3 doses of 2.5ml per day. She is recovering now. She is feeling good. My doctor also told to give Augmentin dry syrup.

The price of the Ambrolite Syrup is Rs54 in Delhi. But I am confused about side effects of Ambrolite Syrup.

My Baby is Not Sleeping Well at Night – Parenting Tips

Hi guys

My one year old baby is not sleeping well on night. She is suffering from the cough and cold. I am providing some medicines. Here is a list of the medicines.

  1. Augmentin Dry Syrup
  2. Paracetamol Syrup
  3. Timi Cold Syrup

My family doctor advised me to have some test. He advised me to have the blood test. Now I am planning to take service of a nursing home located in my area for the tests prescribed by the doctor.

Due to her disease, she is not enjoying the food. She is not taking the milk too. She is going weaker day by day. Some of my family members suggest me that may be she is suffering from the Pneumonia.

Now I am waiting for the test and its reports.

Baby Names Website

Hello Friends…

As you know that last month I am blessed with the baby girl. The name of my daughter is Chesta. Her full name is Chesta Khulbe. Getting her name was not an easy task as my friends and relatives suggest me to have a unique baby girl name. But I want to keep my baby’s name that contains some good meaning. As I am a from Brahmin family so namkaran ceremony held at my home and according to her kundali, we get the initials CH or L. I searched numbers of websites for getting good baby girl name from the initials CH or L. But I did not find any good name.

While searching on the net, I got a website I waved this website around half an hour and find my baby girl name. This is very good website for getting unique baby names. With this website, you can find baby names not only from India, even all over the country.

This website not only features baby names. You will find numbers of other features on this website like you can participate in photo contest. You can also get numbers of tips and articles on baby care. With the help of forum, you can discuss with numbers of topics related to the baby health and nutrition.