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Gtalk Chatting Badge on Website is Repeating Chat

Hello friends…

I have installed Gtalk chatting badge on my website as I am providing live support to my clients. But from the last one month I am facing problems on my Gtalk. My chat is repeating from user ends as well as from my end. I have reinstalled the badge but problem is not going to solve. Please tell me what to do?

Google Adsense March Check

Hello friends…

It is the 7th of March 2012 and we do not receive our Google Adsense cheque yet. This time too much late. And also Blue Dart tracking is not working. It is very horrible condition. Now no expectation of getting cheque in this week. We will get the check next month because weekend and Holi festival is there.

How To Cash A Google Adsense Cheque India

Congratulations if you are going from paid by Google Adsense program. When I got my first cheque in my hand, I was so curious about where to deposit this check, where to cash my first Google adsense cheque.

Friends, there is no need to worry. Google Adsense Cheque is a normal check just like other local check. You need to drop it in your branch and the check will be clear in the 4-5 days. So treat your Google adsense check same as other cheque.

Happy blogging and enjoy the earning from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Cheque India February 2012

Hello friends…

Are you going to be paid in the month of February 2012 from Google Adsense? Are you waiting for the Google Adsense check? Me too waiting for my Google Adsense cheque of the month Feb.

Blue Dart Tracking for Google Adsense Check – Cnee’S Add Incorrect/Incomplete/Not Loca

Hello friends…

I am waiting for my Google Adsense check that comes from the Blue Dart courier service. I have got the reference number but the number is not working on the Blue Dart website. It is showing that no data is available with this tracking number. Please help me about how to track the Blue dart number for getting my Google Adsense check.

Also tell me meaning of Cnee’S Add Incorrect/Incomplete/Not Loca