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Suresh Dhyani Happy New Year SMS

I love wiah you happy new year all year all the best uttrakhand pepole brother sister and babyes.

Dhyanies song, s uttrakhand india.

Viilage Dhiswani Talli

P O Kota Mahadev

Distirc Pauri Garhwal Dhumakot

Uttrakhnd Devbhumi.

Happy New Year to Mukul Sharma from Deepankar Akolia

Happy new year Mukul bhai…Wishing a very happy new year to you and your family…

Kal milte hai…

Bhai video bhi dekh lio…

Devesh Sharma New Year Party

back in home after last nite party! one of the best new year celebration ever! cake, beer and rain everything was so good. No new year resolution! i’m happy with the way my life is going. Happy new year friends! m/
Deepankar Akolia maje karo bhai full mouj lo Luknow main

Happy New Year to Devesh Sharma from Harish Khulbe

Happy New Year to Devesh Sharma from Harish Khulbe

Pahari SMS – Garhwali SMS – Kumanoni SMS New Year

Nai saal mubarak ho dajju…
Aama bubu tum sabu kani nai saal mubarak ho maharaj…
O aam…. Nai saal mubarak ho
O bubu g..tumu kani Nai saal mubarak ho
O bhoji…nai saal mubarak ho

Happy New Year from Deepankar Akolia

Deepankar Akolia is wishing a very happy New year to all of his friends who is reading in the Shakti Nagar No-1 school.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Who Born On 1st January New Year

You are really lucky yaar…you born on the 1st January…

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you!!!

And send me your birthday cake…

Pay my respect to Bhabhi G, Tai G, Tau G and all of the pahari and Garhwali friends…

Love to all kids…

Once again Happy Birthday and Happy New Year

Flower Images for New Year Celebration

Hello guys

Happy New Year 2012. And if you are looking for some great flower images, check the given below. Flowers are very important for any celebration.

Happy new year for all of my Pahadi, Rajasthan, Kumaoni, Garhwali friends.

DJ Songs For New Year Party Celebration

Hello friends…

Please list some of the best DJ songs for the New Year party celebration. I have downloaded all Punjabi songs and now I am looking for some Bollywood songs. Please send me a list of great DJ songs.

why dis kolaveri…………………. haaaaaa diiiiiiiii is best song of the year 2011. It is a good song for DJ.

naach meri bulbul tujhe paisa milegaa…:)

saudaa kharaa kharaa………ppppppppppppppppppp k karoo ishpe….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bhag bhag dk bose.

Naye saal ka pehla jam aapke naam…yey Anil Kapoor ki mast movie hai yaar