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Miles Grady – Paymatters

You may of read some of the many claims and complaints to put it lightly regarding the business practise of Mr Miles Grady, Harrington Brooks and Paymatters on the internet. Today we are able to finally blow the whittle from inside the corporation.
Recently a paymatters insider emailed client data and this letter to as he was so upset with paymatters and Miles Grady’s business practice he blew a very big whistle and will keep doing so until PayMatters/Miles Grady is shut down!
Our whistle blower also knew Miles Grady was not the founder of Harrington Brooks/Griffin Finance first hand (as it shows clearly on companies house below). Mr Grady takes credit for being the founder of and uses this on a daily basis to gain credit and credibility to further his career as paymatters is his first and only business (The founder). This is a direct copy and paste from companies house records taken 16/10/2013 which clearly shows Ian Griffin was the founded of the company 14 months before the name change to Harrington Brooks.
Previous Names:
Date of change Previous Name

VAT was charged when Harrington Brooks was not registered to do so under the management of Mr Grady. Mr Grady kept the VAT payments as profit and did not inform any of the 10,000’s of clients they no longer had to pay VAT on their debt payment fees to Harrington Brooks which went on to finance Paymatters. now has multiple insiders at Director level who are more than willing to advise on a daily basis. We also now feel it is in the best interest of all paymatter’s clients to know the various and volatile ( and we believe criminal) information on paymatters business practice that has now come to light.
Paymatters clients should also know their very personal information is being sold, unfortunately we don’t know how many times as too many people have access to this valuable information within the company.
Below is one part of the mails received by

“Unfortunately PayMatters have given me reason for concern – costs etc , which have to be accounted for. I won’t bother boring you with details but it so happens that I am privy to sensitive information…

The four directors just appointed, which you could find on companies house – one of which loves to take lap dancers back to his place and enjoy cocaine… — hearsay but accurate. The longest staying staff members in the PayMatters department is 6 months – longest member of 12 months handed her notice in 2 days ago, so as you can see its up to date…

Going on how they do business and the way they do business and their personalities they can be taken down easily, a house of cards scenario…

Paymatters is made up of two divisions, one Paymatters, an umbrella company – turnover roughly £50 million but – and a big but – is that its a commission basis, so a small profit – turnover is high, net profit low .

Paymatters accountancy services — 3 million but high profit — this is the more important department and the weakest…

Just for satisfaction, customers have sent the CanYouTrustThem web link to them and have used it against them just for their personal complaints about service, which i’m sure brings a note of satisfaction.

The customer database for the accounting services side is already available (approx 1000 active contacts creating a 3 million profit with plans to double next year ) and as said, if you let me know if anything else is important, ask and ill see what I can do , at the end of the day I’m here with availability, how you use that is up to you…

Evaluation — paymatters base a lot of effort to keep recruitment services on side which is where their umbrella part gets its customers — the tactics and business used are suspicious — Pay Off’s… – they’re not great at keeping these things untraceable and the people concerned are arrogant and conceited which makes them a weakness which means the business…

Staff issues are huge and majority unhappy with their treatment. The directors are under pressure to give results which makes them sloppy and indecisive the possibilities of this business being reduced to an unviable concern is very high —

The four guys just made directorship to keep info leaking…. that’s hypothetical but rare a company appoints so many in one go and a likely possibility. The other is they just want to push for more sales , a couple think its just a carrot on a pole which they will never see .

I can’t see you getting your money back from them which im sure your aware but…

Available now – theres 1700 contacts, 750 approx. active the rest inactive past clients etc, a comprehensive list…

At very least you could just ring all their customers and inform them who their actually paying but I was thinking much bigger….the information can be explosive…

It could destroy them…

PayMatters operate a coupon system as a way of getting around the bribery laws ,which is a very dangerous loophole to try and play, the whole unbrella organisation is a loophole which… will collapse…

All the information is current , down to the fact a new higher member has just been employed , 1 member sacked and one repremanded , all points of possible information if required. Information can be very powerful or redundant it all depends on…”
I have searched paymatters directors and found they have dissolved nearly 30 companies between them. Including paymatters LLC,LLP,… then changed the name slightly before starting all over again. Why would someone do that unless they are hiding things??

Below is just two of around 30 dissolved companies by Miles Grady and Nicholas Holmes (directly from companies house records)

Barons Court Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BQ
Paymatters LLP

Barons Court Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BQ
Paymatters (Accountants) LLP
Name & Registered Office:


Company No. OC340774

Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off
Date of Incorporation: 13/10/2008

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Limited Liability Partnership
Nature of Business (SIC):
None Supplied
Accounting Reference Date: 31/12
Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/12/2011 (FULL)
Next Accounts Due: 30/09/2013 OVERDUE
Last Return Made Up To: 13/10/2012
Next Return Due: 10/11/2013

Here are a couple more.
04855109 D PAYMATTERS LIMITED Dissolved

Make of it what you will. These words are direct from source and not those of Any clients of Harrington Brooks who want to join our class action to get your VAT refunded please got to to register your claim today!