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Format of Research Paper

Chapter 1:Introduction

  • Introduction about research area
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objectives of the research
  • Research questions
  • Rationale of the research

Chapter 2: Brief review of related literature

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

  • Sample size
  • Sample collection techniques
  • Data analysis

Chapter 4: Data Presentation

Chapter 5: Conclusion and findings

Chapter 6: Recommendations

Chapter 7: Bibilography

Appendix 1: List of tables

Appendix 2: List of figures

Appendix 3: List of images

Appendix 4: Questionnaire for data collection

Appendix 5: Project proposal

NUEPA M.Phil PhD Entrance Exam Sample Paper


NUEPA M.Phil and PhD Entrance Exam is on 1 July 2017. In the entrance examination, the questions will be based on the research aptitude, general awareness of the candidate about the educational issues and chosen topics, comprehension of review of literature and ability to interpret data and draw inferences. The sample paper of the research aptitude for the NUEPA M.Phil PhD Entrance Exam is here:
1. ‘Internal validity’ refers to:
A. Whether or not there is really a causal relationship between two variables
B. Whether or not the findings are relevant to the participants’ everyday lives
C. The degree to which the researcher feels that this was a worthwhile project
D. How accurately the measurements represent underlying concepts

2. The qualitative research strategy places a value on:
A. Using numbers, measurements and statistical techniques
B. Generating theories through inductive research about social meanings
C. Conducting research that is of a very high quality
D. All of the above

3. A simple random sample is one in which:
A. From a random starting point, every nth unit from the sampling frame is selected
B. A non-probability strategy is used, making the results difficult to generalize
C. The researcher has a certain quota of respondents to fill for various social groups
D. Every unit of the population has an equal chance of being selected

4. Unlike questionnaires, in-depth interviews:
A. rely on the interest and honesty of the participants
B. are better suited to urban, complex societies where most people are literate
C. are usually administered to a random sample of a larger population
D. allow informants to talk about what they see as important, rather than fit their responses
to predetermined categories.

5. The type of qualitative research that describes the culture of a group of people is called:
A. Phenomenology
B. Grounded theory
C. Ethnography
D. Case study

6. Which correlation is the strongest?
A. + 0.10
B. -0.95
C. + 0.90
D. – 1.00

7. What is the standard deviation of a sampling distribution called?
A. Sampling error
B. Sample error
C. Standard error
D. Statistical error

8. Which of the following is not a quantitative variable?
A. Time
B. Number of children
C. Religion
D. Height of a child

Some famous standard books on Social Group Work

Social Group Work is one of the primary methods of social work. With this post, I am sharing some famous books on the Social Group Work. You can read anyone book from the list. These all books are standard books on Social Group Work and written by famous social scientists.

This books will be helpful in doing the field work in MSW and BSW course of IGNOU.
Douglas, Tom (1976): Group Process in Social Work – a Theoretical Synthesis
Konopka Gisela (1954) Group Work in Institution
Ryland and Wilson (1949) Social Group Work Practice
Trecker, Herleigh (1955) Group Work-Foundations & Frontiers

IGNOU 28th Convocation Registration Form 2015

HI guys…

Good news for those who are waiting for their original degrees and diplomas of IGNOU. The IGNOU is going to host 28th Convocation in the month of July 2015 where you will get your degrees and diplomas of courses that you have passed in December 2013 or June 2014. For obtaining the degrees and diplomas, you need to fill the registration form with Rs400 Demand Draft. The registration form is available on the IGNOU website.

Before filling the form, check the status of your degree for confirmation that you are eligible or not.

IGNOU PGDRD RDD 05 Project Work and Research Synopsis

IGNOU PGDRD is a professional course. If you want to learn the process of rural development, this course is very helpful. In this IGNOU PGDRD course, there are 4 theory papers and 1 project work. You have to do a research work and after that you have to publish the dissertation. The entire process of IGNOU PGDRD research work is following

  • Finalizing the research topic by doing discussion with your college supervisor
  • Preparing the research synopsis and getting approval.
  • Preparing the final project report.

If you want to get the IGNOU PGDRD RDD05 Project Work and Research Synopsis, fell free to contact

Harish Chandra – 09716980784

Email –

IGNOU PGDRD RDD 05 Project Work

CBSE Social Work NET Exam Important Topics and Facts

Many questions come on dates, acts, famous social reformers, books, case work principles, group work methods, community organization principles, social action, social research and social welfare administration.

Cover all of these topics. Make flash cards for the learning.

Prepare the topics using the IGNOU books or any other supplementary books. There are many books available for the CBSE Social Work NET Exam.

Some important websites


NIOS / NOS Easy Paper for 10th Class

HI guys…
My friend who is 8th passed is now planning to continue his education from National Open School (NIOS/NOS). He passed his 8th exam in the year 2000. So there is a long gap of study. He is professional and working in a restaurant as a trainee chef.
Can anyone tell me some easy papers he may choose for the 10th exam from NIOS? I have suggested him to Hindi, Music, Typing, Steno and other vocational papers. Can anyone suggest more?