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TVS Keyboard Price in Wajir Pur

HI guys I am Harish Chandra and I have got my TVS keyboard. I am very happy to have it. The sound of the keys is really awesome and I am enjoying the typing with this keyboard. This keyboard is my favorite. From the last few days, I was planning to buy it and at last I make a deal. I bought this keyboard from the Wajirpur Industrial area and this place is famous for the computer related accessories. The price of the keyboard is Rs1825/ having one year guarantee. As I am an addict to my PC so it was very necessary to have a perfect keyboard that give me good comfort and good typing speed at the same time. Now I am feeling much comfortable and pleasant on my system. The typing speed has been increased and I love it.

How to Delete Temporary Files from Computer

Hello friends…

For making your system fast, you have to delete temporary files regularly. Here are the tips regarding how to delete temporary files from computer.

Go to Run

Type   %temp%

You will see numbers of files and folders. Select all and delete them.

Now go to Run again and type temp

You will see numbers of files and folders. Select all and delete them.

Do this process regularly to keep your computer free from the temporary files.

Laptop is not starting? – May be a battery problem

Hello friends…
I just try to on my laptop but there was no response from the system.
I checked the power button, adapter and charger. Everything was ok but
the laptop was not going to start. A power light was coming for 2-3
seconds but the laptop screen remained black. I was very worried as I
thought that a major hardware error is there.
Then i read some tutorials on internet with the help of my desktop and
I found a suggestion that remove the battery and then start the system
with connecting it power adapter. Surprisingly it worked. I shocked
how a laptop can start without battery but I was wrong. I switched off
the laptop and again inserted battery and did start. Everything was ok