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IGNOU MSW BSW Guidance on Field Work Journal

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IGNOU MSW 2014 -2015 Solved Assignments

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I am Harish and I have been completed the MSW program from the IGNOU.

Now I am providing consultancy and guidance to the students who are doing MSW or BSW from IGNOU. If you need help in making the assignments, I can help you.

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Importance of Communication Skills while working with the clients

In the social work field work practice, communication skills are important for receiving the inputs from your client. Your effective communication skill will be helpful to you and your client for understanding the things clearly.

Before starting the conversion, it is necessary to do some home work. It will be good if you can find out the likes and dislikes of your client so that you can talk on the topics that your client likes. For making the things interesting, ask some general questions about his life. Do not do long interview sessions as it can bring boredom.

Active listening is also necessary so that you can catch the every word your client told. Use the local language and do not use difficult words in the conversion.

In the first meeting, try to establish professional relationships.

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IGNOU MSW Second Year Assignments 2014

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There are total 5 theory papers in the second year of IGNOU MSW.

Here is the list

MSW-007 : Case Work and Counselling : Working with Individuals

MSW-008 : Social Group Work: Working with Groups

MSW-009 : Community Organisation Management for Community Development

MSW-010 : Introduction to Philanthropic  Social Work

MSWE-001 : HIV/AIDS: Stigma, Discrimination and Prevention

MSWE-002 : Women and Child Development

MSWE-003 : Disaster Management

MSW-007, MSW-008 and MSW-009 is the compulsory papers while you have to choose two from the last 4.

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Social Work Action Report in IGNOU MSW Journal

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I am sure that you are enjoying the IGNOU MSW Journal. It is very interested to fill. This article is about the social work action report. In this section, you have to fill report about the social action done by you in the community. You can do rally, awareness, RTI related work in this section. It is important to do this activity as it is one of the essential parts in the social work.

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