Sitora Khulbe – Sethu Bakhey Khulbe

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My wife name is Ms Bhawana Khulbe. My brother name is Mr. Naveen Chand Khulve. My daughter name is Chesta Khulbe.

With this post I am throwing light on my village Sitora located in the Dhamera district of Almora, Uttarakhand. The local market of my village is Chora located around 1-2 kms from our home. The main market is Jalli situated about 1hrs by walk run. You can also go for Masi or Ranikhet for major deal.

Mostly people of Khulbe cast lives here. The three main bakheys of our village are Sethy Bakhye, Geru Bakhey and Dhay Bakhey. Bakhye is a Kumauni meaning of neighbor. I am from Sethu bakhey.

My grand father name is Lt. Sh Narayan Dutt Khulbe and my father name is Sh. Narottam Khulbe. We have a good family  and our family members are living in various part of Delhi, Chandigarh, and UP. My father has 9 cousin brothers. Sorry I don’t know about the sister. Here is a list of big Khulbes of our Sethu Bakey.

Sethu Bakhey Khulbe

Sh. Mohan Chand Khulbe Retd Head Master

Lt. Sh. Tara Dutt Khulbe (was a teacher)

Sh. Govind Ballabh Khulbe (Chandigarh)

Sh. Nandan Kumar Khulbe (Chandigarh)

Lt. Sh. Leela Dhar Khulbe f/o Basant Kumar Khulbe

Sh. Narottam Khulbe (My father)

Sh. Ram Dutt Khulbe (Chandigarh)

Sh. Prakash Chand Khulbe (Ghaziabad)

Sh. Umesh Chand Khulbe (Khora)

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