Famous Bloggers in India – How to Become Famous Blogger

Famous Bloggers in India Hello to all of my friends…

This post is regarding how to become famous on internet platform. With this article, I am featuring information using that you can get good internet reputation. Well getting a great online reputation, you need to choose your best niche. Like if you are a doctor, you can start writing on health tips, medical advises and other information regarding health. Similarly if you are a finance executive, you can start writing on finance related topics. But be sure that your article is creative and readers enjoy it. Use simple language that can be used by everybody.

There are numbers of famous bloggers in India. Big B is the finest example of great blogger. He is writing on his daily lifestyle. It is one of the best niches. Big B’s personal blog is one of the top blogs available on the internet. You can also write your personal blog by giving daily lifestyle tips and other information. Amit Bhawani and Amit Agarwal are another top bloggers in India. But these two guys are from the webmaster field. There are numbers of other entrepreneur’s blogs available on the internet. You can be a good blogger by writing creative and daily to use articles.

I am also trying to get good reputation over the internet. My brother Naveen is also writing his blog on finance and chartered accountancy related topics. Remember getting blog’s popularity is not a single day work as you are not any celebrity. You need to wait for long time for getting great blog’s popularity. Your work is to write useful articles for your blog.

So guys choose your niche, your favorite topics and start writing over it. Your favorite topics may be anything like photography, travel, pets, technology, gadgets, cricket or any else. Just write and write. I wish you best of luck for your internet reputation and blog’s popularity as well.

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