Earthquake in Delhi around 1.12 PM Today

Hi guys

Have you feel the earthquake in Delhi around 1.12 PM. It was a big one. I feel it.

Its on 5 March 2012 around 1.12 PM in Sonia Vihar, Delhi.

I was writing my blog and my wife was cutting the papaya…She shouted and also feel it.

It was for around 10 seconds.

But there is nothing to my 2 months old baby. She was laughing at the same time. And why not? She is Goddess at the age of 2 Months…

By the way it was around 4.9 on reactor scale…maja aa gaya bhaio…jhula jhul kar…

Jokes on Today Earthquke

0 thoughts on “Earthquake in Delhi around 1.12 PM Today

  1. Kanishk

    Yes.. in gurgaon for the same duration ~10 secs.
    Heard it was worse in internal haryana such as rohtak! 😐

    btw congrats for your breaking news; 1st article on the WWW 😛


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