Congress or BJP – Who Will Make the New Government in Uttarakhand


It is very funny situation to both the leading parties in India in Uttarakhand state. After vidhan sabha election results, both parties do not have enough seats for making government. So now BSP and 4 other MLAs will be the king maker in the Uttarakhand.

Congress won 32 seats while BJP 31. But for making government, they must need to have 36 seats. Now both the parties are very eager to join hands with BSP and 4 other MLAs. BSP has 3 seats, 1 seat by regional party and 3 other MLAs will decide about who will make the new government in Uttarakhand. However Congress and BJP both are claiming that they will form the new government. Lets see what will happen in Uttarakhand.

Here is the chart

  1. Congress – 32
  2. BJP – 31
  3. BSP – 3
  4. Uttarakhand Kranti Dal – 1
  5. Independent (Nirdaliya) – 3

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