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How to Upgrade Tata Photon + Postpaid to Prepaid

Hello guys…

As I told you that I have recently bought Tata Photon + Postpaid plan. For the first 2 days, speed was coming very good. So I download software from the internet. But today, I found that the speed is coming very slow. I called to the Tata Photon + customer care support and one lady replied me that I have consumed 1 GB that’s why I am getting poor speed.

I asked her to upgrade my plan to 5 GB and she replied me that the speed will be resumed from the next billing cycle. I then asked her to upgrade my Tata Photon + postpaid to prepaid and she told me that I have to submit some documents to nearest Tata outlet. The service is free of cost and it will take 48 hours to change the plan.

How to Use Tata Photon + Broadband Internet

If you want to use Tata Photon + Broadband Internet on your PC, you need to install Tata Photon + software. You need not to download any software as Tata Photon + device do the same for you.

Just insert your device into the USB hub and your PC will install drivers etc. Now enter your key if you are using it first time on your PC. Clicks on connect and then start surfing.

Tata Photon + Booking Online Postpaid Plan

Hello guys

I just booked my Tata Photon + device. This time I am going with post paid plan. I have already a Tata Photon + and the new one is for my brother. The price of Tata Photon + is Rs1199 and they are giving free laptop bag with this package. The monthly rental would be Rs500 in which I will get 1 GB (unlimited plan).

My Tata Photon + Internet is Working Very Slowly

Hi guys

I am using Tata Photon + internet modem on my laptop. From the morning it is working very slowly. Sometimes it is not responding and going automatically disconnect. I have restarted my PC several times but problem remains the same. Please suggest me some tips.

Error 734 : The PPP link control protocol was terminated Tata Photon + Compliant

Hello friends…

I am using Tata Photon +. From the last two days, I am getting Error 734 : The PPP link control protocol was terminated while connecting  my device. Why this error is coming? Also my recharge amount is sufficient for using net. Then why this error message is coming? Picture is attached.

Please tell me about Error 734.

Error 734 : The PPP link control protocol was terminated