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Chesta Khulbe at Traffic Training Park Roshanara Road Delhi

Traffic Training Park is located on the Roshanara Road Delhi. This traffic training park is one of best traffic training parks of Delhi. Operated by Delhi Traffic Police, this park is best for learning traffic rules.

Last Sunday, we also visited there. Chesta was looking very happy in the park. She enjoyed the ride on many swings. We also visited to the Roshanara Park situated next to the Traffic Training Park. This park is one of the oldest parks of Delhi and biggest as well.

We enjoyed various snacks like Chole Bhature, Chowmein and Dhokla. It was the great weekend.

Traffic Training Park Roshanara Road Delhi

Dressing for first day of School

first-day-of-schoolIt was the first day in the school and Chesta was very excited with the school uniform and new books. The colourful books attracted her very much and she liked the books very much. She wore the dress very quickly with the help of her mother. She worshipped the God.

As there was photo shot session in the school, so Chesta was very happy with that. However she was weeping when we reached to the school premises.

It was very thrilling experience to me also as it was the first day of school. I remembered my first day of school.


 Chesta is going to MR Modern Public School located in Sonia Vihar.




Chesta First Day of School

Why My 4 Months Baby is Not Sleeping At night

Hello friends…

My 4 months baby girl whose name is Chesta Khulbe is not sleeping properly at night. She cried at night very badly. Last night, when she was crying, I gave Crocin syrup to her. After some tile she slept well. But I am worried about what is the problem. This is the daily routine and she slept around 3am in the morning. But she enjoyed her full day on the bed with deep sleep.

Is it common? Or I need to consult with doctor?

Chesta Khulbe

Hello friends…

I am Chesta Khulbe. I am the daughter of Harish Khulbe and Bhawana Khulbe. My grandfather name is Sh. Narottam Khulbe and my grandmother name is Smt. Mohini Devi. My Chachu’s name is Naveen Chand Khulve. My date of birth is 3 January 2012.

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