Career in Content Writing and Blogging

Hi guys…

Well with this my entry, I am going to through light on the career in content writing and blogging. Content writing and blogging both are very similar to each other. Both required excellent writing skills and command over the language. Content writing specially creates for websites while blogging for weblogs.

If you have good writing skills, then you can earn good money with this. You can do it by part time. First of all start with the discussion forums. There are numbers of discussion forums from where you can start writing. Choose your area of expert and start giving answers of questions asked by users. If the forum moderator or administrator likes your profile, they can offer you part time job on the forum as a moderator or guest article writer.

After getting confidence, you can start your own web blog. If you don’t have money for invest and unable to buy domain and web host, then you can start using free platform like WordPress, Blogspot etc. If your blog goes hit, you can start marketing on your blog in the form of sponsored links, banner links or affiliate marketing.

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