Bhumiya Devta – Jai Bhoomia Devta Temple

Bhumiya Devta is the regional God of the Kumaon and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Bhumiya Devta is regarded as the ISHT DEV of Uttarakhandi people and every village of Uttarkhand must have a temple of Bhoomia Devta.

Bhumiya Devta has no defined face or murti and people use to workship a big rock as a Bhumiya Devta. The famous temple of Bhumiya Devta is located at the Masi Bajar located in the Bhikyasen Tahseel.

A jagar or jagari taken place for Bhumiya Devta as his workship.

Here are the image of Bhumiya Devta pooja.

Bhumiya Devta Temple

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