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  1. hemen parekh

    An “ Apple for Apple “ Comparison ?

    Since the debut of affordable Aakash Tablet , any number of manufacturers have announced launch of similar products

    This is all very good for the Indian users , since competition always brings out the best amongst the competitors in terms of quality / service etc

    But for the moment , users are confused as to the price-points vs specifications of various manufacturers

    It would be nice if some independent authority can develop / publish , a comparison of various tablets in terms of ,

     Network Compatibility [ WiFi – 3G – GPRS Modem etc ]

     Processor Speeds [ Over clocking / Architecture ]

     Operating Systems [ Open vs Closed ]

     USB Ports [ Full size vs Mini ]

     Screen Type [ Resistive vs Capacitive ]

     Import content vs local value addition

     Price

    May be an “ Index / Score “ can be developed which can rank all competing tablets on a score of 0 – 10 , taking all the above – mentioned factors into account

    Such an “ Apple for Apple “ comparison by a “ third party “ having no vested interest , would go a long way in helping buyers make a considered decision

    With regards

    hemen Parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth


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