Aakash Tablet Features

Developer DataWind with IIT
Manufacturer DataWind
Introductory price 2500 Rs
Operating system Android 2.2
CPU 366 MHz processor
Storage capacity Flash memory
2 GB-32 GB microSD slot
Display 800 × 480 px
7 in (18 cm) diagonal
Input Multi-touch resistive touchscreen, headset controls
Camera None
Connectivity GPRS and Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Online services Getjar marketplace
(not Android marketplace)
Dimensions 190.5 mm (7.50 in) (h)
118.5 mm (4.67 in) (w)
15.7 mm (0.62 in) (d)
Weight 350 g (12 oz)

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    I WANT TO BOOK Aakash tablet for my son who is studying in second standard in vishnu lakshmi matriculation school
    what do to for that
    kindly book


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