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Importance of Communication Skills while working with the clients

In the social work field work practice, communication skills are important for receiving the inputs from your client. Your effective communication skill will be helpful to you and your client for understanding the things clearly.

Before starting the conversion, it is necessary to do some home work. It will be good if you can find out the likes and dislikes of your client so that you can talk on the topics that your client likes. For making the things interesting, ask some general questions about his life. Do not do long interview sessions as it can bring boredom.

Active listening is also necessary so that you can catch the every word your client told. Use the local language and do not use difficult words in the conversion.

In the first meeting, try to establish professional relationships.

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Individual Case Work Report Writing Sample IGNOU MSW Course

Case Work and Counseling are important tools in social work. Individual Case Work is a special technique of social work where we find and solve the problem of any individual person. In my social work course (IGNOU MSW), I solved various cases. While working with the children, I found their problems and tried to solve the issues. Most of the children were suffering from their family related issues as their parents do not love them and they were feeling alone.

I also worked on a case of domestic violence where the woman was suffering from dowry related case. While working with the youngsters, I solved the case of drug addiction. One 18 year old beneficiary of the agency was taking drugs from the long time and I motivated him to quit the drug.

Methods of case work (4Ps of case work)

a. Person– client, significant others and collaterals
b. Problem- need, impaired social functioning
c. Place– agency, objectives, functions, policies and resources.
d. Process– casework intervention

Principles of Social Casework Practice

  • Begin where the client is.
  • Individualization
  • Purposeful expression of feelings
  • Controlled emotional involvement
  • Acceptance
  • Non-judgemental attitude
  • Client self determination
  • Confidentiality

Career Scope of MSW from IGNOU – Jobs after MSW from IGNOU

Career Scope of MSW from IGNOU Well friends, I am getting this question from numbers of students who are pursuing the MSW from the IGNOU. They are asking continuously about the job opportunities and career scope after the IGNOU MSW Course.  Here is my answer and I am sure that you will get some satisfaction.

The scope is unlimited.  Govt jobs are also available on the basis of MSW. At present, Delhi Government is asking for the MSW for the social welfare officer jobs.

You can also work in international NGOs like UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO etc. Also you can start your own NGO by gaining the experience.

After MSW, you can do PHD and by qualifying UGC NET, you can be a lecturer.

So good scope in the field of social work.