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Aakash Tablet Repair Center In Delhi Bangalore Patna Address

Hello friends…
One of my friends got the Aakash Tablet in the Bangalore. But he is facing some problem with the Aakash Tablet. The internet is not working on the device. He is coming to the Delhi next week and asked me to find the address of the Aakash Tablet Repair Center In Delhi. Can anyone tell me the address of Aakash Tablet Repair Center In Delhi or Banaglore or Patna?

Aakash Tablet Ubislate+ Dealers in Gujarat

I want to buy Aakash Tablet and Ubislate+.

Barabar hai!!!

I want to gift Aakash Tablet to my brother ad Ubislate+ is for me.

Barabar hai!!!

I have sent cheque to Datawind.

They told me that tablet will come in March.

Barabar hai!!!

But still I am waiting for Aakash…

Are there any dealers in Gujarat?

I am from Jamnagar… Barabar hai!!!

How to Get Ubislate + Aakash Tablet Fast

Ubislate +From the date of online booking, I am getting numbers of call regarding how to get Aakash tablet, how to book Ubislate +, features of Ubislate +, specifications of Ubislate +, camera of Ubislate + and so on. I am getting calls related to Ubislate + and people are asking about how to get fast delivery of Ubislate + tablet.

Friends, first of all I would like to tell you that I am not a dealer or any authorized person from Data Wind Company. I am just a user like you and also waiting for my Ubislate + tablet. I have booked 2 tablets, one for me and other for my wife. There is no way to getting the tablet fast as there are numbers of people in the queue and all are waiting for this gadget.

So friends, keep doing wait. You will get it as soon as possible.

Aakash Tablet Ubislate + Complaints

I bought aakash tablet but now it touch is not working i am try to call her costumer care but it always busy

what can i do   I m only 14yr i dont want to waste my money

yaar kahi service center hi nahi hai

Domo n8 in just 4990 what a tab yaar touch makhan ki tareh chalta hai n 850mhz proccessor

or akash me to hd video or avi flv ni chalti