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If you are a student of IGNOU BSC, then I am your senior. Yes friends, I have passed BSC from IGNOU. With this article, I am providing guide on how to clear IGNOU BSC exams. Also I am featuring some useful books for IGNOU BSC students.

Friends, I have done IGNOU BSC in general. But if you are doing IGNOU BSC in Major then I will also guide you. First of all, I will clear tips about how to pass IGNOU BSC general in minimum duration.

In the first year, you have to pass 3 foundation papers FST, FEG 1 and FEG 2. These papers are easy to clear and you can get good marks in these papers with little bit of extra preparation. Reference books are also available on these papers and you can buy them from book sellers.

For elective paper, you need to make extra effort. Chemistry papers are easy and you can clear CHE 1, 2 and CHE 4 quickly. If you are good in organic chemistry, then you can take CHE 5 and CHE 6.

If you are good in Mathematics then MTE 1, 4, 5, 10 are easy paper to clear. Similarly if you want to have Physics paper, then you can take PHE 6, PHE 10 and PHE 14.

For life science students, LSE 1 and LSE 2 are best papers.

There are numbers of students who are doing major in life science or major in Chemistry. I have numbers of friends who are doing major in Chemistry or life science from IGNOU and working as a medicine representative (MR).

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