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What Do You Think About Union Budget 2012?

My wife is asking me what you think about Union Budget 2012. So I am posting my reviews on the Union Budget 2012. Well, first of all we need to review about the things going up and down. Here is the list of some of the material whose prices are going to up or down.

What’s Up

  1. Cars
  2. Cigarettes
  3. CDs, DVDs, VCDs
  4. Pan, Masala, Gutka
  5. ULIP premiums
  6. Air, rail travel
  7. Ipads, gadgets
  8. Money changing services

What’s Down

  1. LED Lamps
  2. Branded readymade garments
  3. Gold coins at 99.5% purity
  4. Intraocular lenses
  5. Non-leather footwear up to Rs500
  6. Stay at hotels

What Do You Think About Budget 2012?

Hi guys

After rail budget, common budget will be on the table. What are your expectations about the common budget popularly known as Aam Budget in India?

I was watching news on the TV and all news channels are saying that there may be price hike in the diesel cars, mobile, laptops, cigarette, wine and other luxury items. Also government is planning to hike service tax so air fare, rail fare, and other we are using can be hiked and we need to pay extra.

Also there may be no changes in the income tax slabs rate. However some news channels are claiming that the minimum may upto to Rs2lack.

So guys, in a nutshell we have to pay more on services, and luxury items. But the question is how many of us are using these services or luxury items?