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Yamuna Aarti at Sonia Vihar Dhai Pusta Park

Mahakaal Manav Sewa, one of the NGOs in Delhi is conducting regular Yamuna Aarti in Sonia Vihar near the Dhai Pusta Park. Numbers of people attended this event daily. This aarti is dedicated to the River Yamuna. The main objective of this aarti is aware the people about the importance of Rivers in our life.
Yamuna River which is also a life line of Delhi has great history. This river has the same significance as Ganga. The Yamuna River pollution is biggest problem and this NGO is also motivating the people to keep the River Yamuna neat and clean.

Yamuna Aarti in Sonia Vihar Dhai Pusta Park

Sewage and Sewer Problems in Sonia Vihar

I am living in the Sonia Vihar from the last 22 years. The colony has been changed in terms of population but still we have no basic health facilities. The conditions of the naalis are very poor in almost every street. There is no proper solution of sewage and sewer. Similarly I am also facing the problem of street lights on the pusta roads.

There is no good school in the colony and also we are facing the problem of health facilities.

Hope we will get the proper solutions in the coming years.

Sonia Vihar Chat Pooja Celebration

Sonia Vihar Chat Pooja CelebrationS

Sonia Vihar is the city located near the bank of the river Yamuna. Numbers of people from the UP and Bihar are living in the Sonia Vihar. That’s why Chaat Pooja is one of the major festivals celebrated near the bank of the Yamuna.

S    S

SI enjoyed the Chath Pooja this year with great joy. The people were looking very happy. They all have new dresses especially the women been looking very gorgeous. The cute kids were also the attractions of the celebration.

The Chath Puja Ghats were decorated with lights and coloured paper. The police force was also there. It was really a grand celebration.

Chati Maiya sabka bhala kare.

Many many congratulations to all people of Sonia Vihar.

Happy Chath Pooja to all.

Indian Bank In Sonia Vihar

Good news to all of the residents of the Sonia Vihar. Indian Bank is going to open a branch in the first pusta of the Sonia Vihar. Indian Bank is the first bank in the Sonia Vihar.

There was a huge need of bank in the Sonia Vihar. Numbers of old people visited Yamuna Vihar or any other place to submit their pension related cheques. But now Indian Bank will be helpful to overcome with this problem.

Congratulations to all residents of Sonia Vihar and Team Indian Bank.

Indian Bank In Sonia Vihar

Sonia Vihar Main Galio Ka Bharan

सोनिया विहार मैं गलियो का भरान

आजकल सोनिया विहार मैं कई  गलियो का भरान कार्य चल रहा है परंतु वहा के लोगो के लिये एक नई मुसीबत खड़ी हो गई है

भरान के कारण कई लोगो के मकान गली के लेवेल से काफी नीचे जा चुके है जिसके कारण बिजली की खंबे घरो को टच कर रहे है

करेंट लगने का खतरा बढ़ गया है

Sonia Vihar main Baad Flood

हेलो फ्रेंड्स।..

क्या आपको लगता है की इस बार सोनिया विहार मैं बाद आ जाएगी?

वॉटर लेवेल तो काफी बढ़ चुका है।..पर मुजे नहीं लगता की बाढ़ आने के कोई चान्स है .

What do you think ? kya vastav  main Sonia Vihar main baadh aaegi?