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NPR Card Status – Download Your NPR Card – Online NPR Card – ENPR Card

Hello friends…

I have got my Aadhar card. I got it via internet and it is an eaadhar card. I have been also registered for the National Population Register (NPR) card but not got any status of the NPR card. I want to know where to get the NPR card.

Is there any website from where we can download the NPR card? How to get the eNPR card online?

Please tell.


NPR and Aadhar Card Are Similar?

Hello guys

I have just got my Aadhar UID card. It is designed very well but I think it should be thicker like a Pan card or driving license. By the way, I have heard from the several mouths that Aadhar or UID card have been failed and this project has no value now. Some people are also saying that NPR call will be issued.

Why Government of India is wasting so much money on these types of worthless projects? What is the meaning of NPR card? Why NPR and Aadhar are not linked with each other?