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IPL Cricket Blog – IPL History

IPL is now a very common word in cricket. IPL is regarded as the great show of glamour, excitement, cheerleaders, big hits, and more. IPL 5 season is going to start from today. With this article, I am sharing history of IPL and the last 4 sessions of IPL.


It was the first session of IPL when Lalit Modi mind started this tournament. He is the founder of IPL. In the first session there were 8 teams in the tournament. The title captured by Rajasthan Royals after beating Chennai Super Kings in final.

Winner : Rajasthan Royals

Runner UP : Chennai Super Kings


IPL 2 was hosted by South Africa due to security reasons in India as Lok Sabha election was on the move. In this tournament, Hyderabad beated Bangalore and captured the title.

Winner : Deccan Charges Hyderabad

Runner UP : Royal Challengers Bangalore

IPl 3

First time all the matches broadcast live on Youtube, that’s exposed the popularity of IPL. Total numbers of team were 8.  Chennai Super Kings punched Mumbai Indians in final. Sachin Tendulkar was the highest run getter in IPL 3.

Winner : Chennai Super Kings

Runner UP : Mumbai Indians


Sahara Pune and Kochi Tuskers were the 2 new teams in the group. Total numbers of team rose to 10. Chennai Super Kings again captured the title and this time they hanged Bangalore in the final.

Winner : Chennai Super Kings

Runner UP : Royal Challengers Bangalore


It is going to start from today and all are waiting for this high profile tournament. The first match will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.