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4 Months Baby Activities List

Hello friends…

My baby is now around 4 months old and she is now recognizing us. She talked to us with her own language that is aa oo aaaooo llaa lla.

At night she is not sleeping as she used to sleep full day. Doctor advised me to not to give any other item for eat but once a time I give her 1 teaspoon of orange juice.

She played well at day but at night she cried.

When I kissed her, she tried to pull my hair. Also she tried to pull my spectacles.

Why My 4 Months Baby is Not Sleeping At night

Hello friends…

My 4 months baby girl whose name is Chesta Khulbe is not sleeping properly at night. She cried at night very badly. Last night, when she was crying, I gave Crocin syrup to her. After some tile she slept well. But I am worried about what is the problem. This is the daily routine and she slept around 3am in the morning. But she enjoyed her full day on the bed with deep sleep.

Is it common? Or I need to consult with doctor?