How to Get Back Hacked Website

So your website is hacked and you are hitting your head on wall. No need to worry. This article is for you using that you can get your site back. I am telling some simple tips using that you can get back your website. 

First of all check out your ftp account. If your site is static, upload index file from your end. If you don’t have backup then download index file from the FTP. Open it in dreamweaver or any other text editor. Check at the end of file. You will find some malicious scripts. Delete the script and upload your index file. Now check your website and see whether it is back or not. Sometimes hackers put index.html file in your directory. Delete the file and your site will get back. 

If you are running a web blog using word press cms, then check both the root index file as well as theme index file. Download both file and find the malicious scripts. If there is no script then you can re-upload both index file of root and theme. 

If these methods do not work for you then the last option from my end is delete the theme from your web blog. Download wp-config.php file and check the database number of your database. With the help of cpanel, visith phpmyadmin and select the database of your website. Edit your details and then try the website. It will sure get back. 

After that change passwords of everything i.e. blog admin, cpanel etc.

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