How To Check Your Aadhaar Card Enrolment Status

Hello friends…

Have you got your Aadhaar Card?

If not, you can check the status of your Aadhaar Card. Just follow this website for checking your Aadhaar Card enrolment status.

Put your Enrolment No. and Date time. You can get it from your receipt.

4 thoughts on “How To Check Your Aadhaar Card Enrolment Status

  1. Shubha Vinayak Nayak

    I want to check the enrolment status of my son, residing in Bangalore and has enrolled there, giving our permanent address here of our hometown. The acknowledgement slip is misplaced and the acknowledgement number is not remembered. How can I find the status of the aadhaar card generation, by entering his details like name etc. ? Please guide us in this regard too. Does the portal have this facility ? Its long since enrolment and the Aadhaar card is not yet received.

  2. Shubha Vinayak Nayak

    Thanks for the information on aadhaar.
    I would like you to inform all of us whether the aadhaar card should be given by the postal department, to the concerned person, under his/her signature. My aadhaar card was delivered to our neighbour, without my signature.


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