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I want to write a letter to Anna Hajare who is a famous social worker in India. I tried several email id like,, and numbers of other email id but never get any successes. Does anyone know about the email id of MR. Anna Hazare. Please post here the personal email id of Anna. I also tried their blog and website but no email id of Anna on the sites.

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    Sub: Plight of Teachers of UT Chandigarh cadre and an appeal for your helping hand to save this cadre

    Respected Sir,
    The teachers belonging to the Chandigarh UT Cadre, a city which is proud to have you as its illustrious son and boasts of a very high literacy rate as compared to other union territories and states in the country, are a dejected lot. Sir, you being an Educationist par excellence, you yourself can understand the agony of not getting the over due bona fide career benefits in this cadre since 1992. We, the Teachers, are suffering from the apathy of the UT Education Department, which is due to the vested interests of various High and mighty Officers of the department. These high handed and vindictive acts of these arrogant officers are causing stagnation as well as job insecurity in the minds of teachers appointed on contract basis or under SSA.
    Sir, the Administrators of our education departments are not listening to our requests and rather are acting like Feudal Lordships of the old British Raj. They are making us running helter-skelter. The dilly-dallying tactics on their part is paving way for ample scope for corruption. Sir, the officers of Education Department are hell bent to out-source the Faculty positions to other states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and various other states under the garb of calling Teachers on Deputation.
    Sir, the teachers already working on deputation are never sent back to their parent state and thus they get all the benefits in Chandigarh, that too at the cost of bona fide UT Cadre employees of Chandigarh. If the Department has sent back any employee to parent state, then it was either on the directions of Honorable Court or due to the request of the person concerned or due to the call back by the state concerned or due to the differences occurred between the official and the Officer in the department. There is not even a single instance to point out here which shows that the person called on deputation has been sent back strictly as per the Rules of Service Manuals followed by the Education Department of Chandigarh.
    Due to the step-motherly treatment given to the UT cadre teachers, a feeling of alienation and restlessness has erupted among them and this can have a detrimental effect on the education standards of the city.
    Sir, we the Teachers of UT Chandigarh request you to look into the matter and give a healing touch to the plight of UT cadre teachers, and initiate the judicious steps which will surely give a boost to the sagging spirits of the teachers here.

    Thanking you.



    Subj: Non Implementation of Orders of Hon’ble Court
    (Hon’ble Judges Shri M.M. Kumar & Shri Jatindera Chauhan)

    With due respect it is being brought to your kind notice that I fail to understand what is happening in the Education Department, Chandigarh U.T.
    Briefly I would like to mention that as per the order No.DPI-UT-S6-11(114)93 dated 04/03/2002 issued by Finance Secretary U.T. Chandigarh (Sh. R,S, Gujral) (copy enclosed) some categories of teachers like Work Instructors, Librarians etc. Were granted pay scales as per the orders, But on dated 06/11/2009 the said grades were changed, reason best known to the then Finance Secretary Sh. Ram Niwas wide his orders No. DPI-UT-S6-11(114)93 Dated 18/11/2009 .
    This order of Sh. Ram Niwas the then Finance Secretary were challenged and the orders were stayed by Hon’ble High Court dated 03-03-2010 (CWP 11546, 18554, 18681,19809,and 19841 of 2008 (o&m) and 1347 of 2009) but to our surprise it was found that different officials had been drawing pay differently (copy attached) keeping aside the stay orders of the Hon,ble High Court.
    When information regarding the fact was asked from the Principals of the concerned schools, very interesting and shocking facts have been brought to light. Some of the facts (copy enclosed) as given below.
    One of the Principals, Sh. Surendra Singh (National and State awardee) writes in a reply to query sought under R.T.I. says that he will ask the official concerned about the pay being drawn by him and then reply to the query. The act on the part of the CPIO cum Principal is not as per the stature of the post he occupies.
    Some of the Principals ( 1. Sh. Surendra Singh (National and State awardee) Principal of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector-33-D, Chandigarh 2.The Principal of Govt. Sr. Sec. School, M.M Town, UT Chd. 3.The Principal of Govt. Model High School, Sector-28-D,Chandigarh. 4.The Principal of Govt. Sr. Sec. School,Sector-38 West DMC, Chandigarh UT. 4.The Principal of Govt. High School, Karsan, Chandigarh UT. have written that they have not received the Stay orders.
    Some Principals( 1.The Principal, Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Sector-45, Chandigarh UT. 2.The Principal of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector-56, Chandigarh UT. 3.The Principal of Govt. High School, Sector-24, Chandigarh UT.4.The Principal of Govt. Model High School, Sector-38-D, Chandigarh UT to cover their lapse writes that they have implemented the pay scales before the stay orders so the same pay scales were continued thereafter.
    Some Principals ( 1.The Principal of Govt. Model High School, Sector-20-D, Chandigarh UT ) write that the official was not working in their school at the time concerned.
    Some of the Principals have paid the officials the arrears and no recovery has been made ignoring the Stay orders of Hon’ble High Court.
    Kindly find the relative documents attached.
    Yours Faithfully,
    2403/20-C, CHANDIGARH UT


    Subj: Pressence of deputationists from other states in Chandigarh U.T.
    (A hindrance to the opportunities/ benefits available to U.T. employees)

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Dear Sir
    It is for your kind consideration that U.T. Cadre Employees are suffering a lot due to illegal presence of employees on deputation in Chandigarh for a long period setting aside all rules and regulations. One of the reason is that in case of house allotment in Chandigarh the employees on deputation claim their right as seniority and the employees of Chandigarh Administration are deprived of their chances of getting govt. accommodation.
    The following queries were put to Chandigarh Housing Board under R.T.I. Act 2005.
    1. List of deputationists who had applied for the flat and now they have gone back to their parent states.
    2. How many applicants who had applied for the flat and now they have houses of their in Chandigarh / Mohali/ Panchkula after they applied under the scheme in 2008. Have the affidavits in such regards been taken from such applicants.
    3. Why the length of service of employees not taken into consideration.
    4. List of Candidates who changed the categories in the last moment and how was it allowed?
    5. List of applicants who have their houses of societies like Employees of police Deptt., High Court etc. who have their societies in tricity.

    From the reply got it is clear that Chandigarh Housing Board is ignoring the fact that Employees on Deputation in Chandigarh are illegally getting allotted houses in Chandigarh.
    It well known fact and known to all the departments of Chandigarh Administration including Chandigarh Housing Board that large number of employees are working on deputation in Chandigarh from other States like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Delhi etc.. but Chandigarh Housing Board did not consider this point for house allotment with the result the Employees on Deputation in Chandigarh

    are getting houses under the schemes which are for Chandigarh U.T. Employees only. As in case of U.T. Employees Scheme -2008 draw of which took place on 4-11-2010. This scheme was only for U.T. Chandigarh employees but large number of Employees who came to Chandigarh on Deputation whose period on deputation as per Punjab Service Rules is 3-5 year i.e. an employee who has come to Chandigarh on Deputation for 3-5 years and has to go back to his parent state is being allotted permanent house in Chandigarh where as an employee of Chandigarh Administration who has to stay here till his retirement and there after loose his chance of getting house due to the fact that employees on deputation are getting large no of houses allotted in their names.
    Moreover it is distressing to mention here that many persons who illegally live in “Jhugies” in the Chandigarh get allotted houses from Chandigarh Administration, not even a draw is conducted but all the Jughi holders get houses. Where as if a scheme is floated for House allotment for Chandigarh Administration Employees draws are conducted and employees of other states are allotted houses in Chandigarh, depriving large number of Chandigarh, U.T. employees from getting their own house who has to serve the Chandigarh Govt. till the age of 58.

    The U.T. Cadre Educational Employees Union, Chandigarh U.T. in its meeting held today has taken strict notice of this and decided to approach Prime Minister, President and other National Leaders of India to safe guard the interest of Chandigarh Cadre Employees.


    Swarn Singh Kamboj
    U.T.Cadre Educational Employees Union, Chandigarh
    Mobile : 8699757310

    Rakesh Puri
    General Secretary,
    U.T.Cadre Educational Employees Union, Chandigarh
    Mobile : 9478025192


    Sub: Employees on deputation from the states of Punjab, Haryana, H.P. and Delhi


    With due respect it is submitted that information sought by me from the Education Department Chandigarh under RTI Act 2005 reveals the names many teachers on deputation from other states as cited in the subject, are working on deputation in Chandigarh for many-many years setting aside all rules and regulations.
    Some of the teachers names are found amongst the Principals and Lecturers also. Have the parent states of these teachers recruited them for Chandigarh only and why Chandigarh Administration is not sending them back to their parent state?

    With regards

    R.T.I. Activist
    # 2403/ Sec. 20-C, Chandigarh.

    Copy to
    1. Governor Punjab /Administrator Chandigarh.
    2. Chief Minister Punjab.
    3. Chief Minister Haryana.
    4. Advisor to Administrator, Chandigarh.
    5. DPI Schools Chandigarh.



    1. Employee on deputation who have overstayed in Chandigarh U.T. be sent back to their parent state with immediate effect. Posts of Principals/ Head Masters / Head Mistress be filled up by U.T cadre employees only.

    2. Unfortunately electrical instructors, tabla instructors wood instructors and SLA – all the afore-mentioned employees have till date after putting in 24 years of service not been granted grades due to them. The same be granted to them.

    3. Teachers on contract basis, workings as guest factuality or as Part time teachers be regularised.

    4. In the housing scheme for U.T employees 2008 only U.T employees be considered. Houses allotted to employees on deputation be withdrawn and re- allotted to U.T cadre employees only.

    5. Allotment of Govt. Houses in U.T be strictly confined to U.T employees only. Employees on deputation may not be given this benefit.

    6. Immediate action on pending promotions which may be confined only for Chandigarh UT employees and not to employees who have come in U.T Chandigarh on deputation from other states.

    Rakesh Puri Swarn Singh Kamboj
    General Secretary President

    UT Cadre Educational Employees Union, Chandigarh UT
    09478025192, 09463206019


    Course of Action Taken by Union in the Past Year Till date

    1. In March, 2011 – Information through RTI enquiry was sought from the Education Department Chandigarh but the department had not got the courage to supply the exact information regarding the status of employees on deputation and hence provided in-adequate information.
    2. Sought information through R.T.I enquiry from House Allotment Committee about the seniority list and the status of U.T cadre employees with list. The reply received mentioned that there is no separate seniority list for U.T. Chandigarh Employees.
    3. Housing board was moved by seeking information through R.T.I enquiry asking for housing scheme 2008 exclusively for U.T cadre employees in which employees on deputation also applied. The grounds on which Deputationists were allowed, was asked for in the enquiry.
    4. Police department was moved by filling on RTI enquiry asking for the status of employees on deputation in detail. The reply we received was not containing adequate reply.
    5. Based upon the above mentioned information(collected their various queries, registered letters explaining the state of affairs of the various department of U.T Chandigarh, registered letters were sent to Hon’ble Governor, Advisor, Home Secretary, Education Secretary, DPI colleges, DPI schools, explaining to them the details of wrong-doings and violation of rules and regulations visa-vis service rules and deputations.
    6. A letter on 19th august 2011 was posted for the consideration of Hon’ble President of India, Prime Minister, Union Law Minister, Human Resource Minister, Minister Parliamentary Affairs and Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha mentioning the details of the irregularities being carried in the Administration of the U.T Chandigarh.
    7. The Education Department and House Allotment Department was told about the illegalities being carried out visa-vis the house allotments and other affairs and requested for the necessary action, but till date nothing has been done.
    8. GMSSS-33,GSSS-45, GHS-24, responded with wrong replies in anticipation of our RTI enquiries.
    9. Made representation to the CVC, Delhi telling about the irregularities in the Administration. Responding to the representation made by us CVC referred the matter for investigation to the Chief Vigilance Officer, Chandigarh, Enquiry is pending.
    10. On 6th February , 2012 the offices of Honourable President , Prime Minister, Human Resources Ministry has issued directions to furnish information about the deputation made in U.T Chandigarh for which Departments have no Satisfactory reply.
    09463206019, 09478025192


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