Jai Maa Dunagiri!!! Click on the images for high definition views.

If you are counting or making the list of popular temples in the Uttarakhand, then Dunagiri temple will be on the top of the list.  Doonagiri mata mandir is one of the famous and ancient temples in the Uttarakhand. This temple is on the way of Dwarhat road. You can reach here via Dwarhat using a private car or hiring a jeep. This temple is on the top of the mountain Dron. Every year numbers of people around the world came to the Doonagiri for view (darsan) of Maa Dunagiri. This is one of the best tourist places for the new couple and you can see numbers of new couples at the campus of this temple. Women wearing Pichold look very nice on the way to Doonagiri. With this article, I am also posting some images to my family tour to the Doonagiri Temple.

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