Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites Prices

If you are planning to have a website and looking for prices, you are on the right page. With this article, I am telling about website prices and also difference between static and dynamic websites.

Static Websites

Static websites are very simple to create. But it required a person who knows web development, and FTP. Static websites required a remote computer from where your web development agent will upload and update the website.

Some advantages of static website

Low bandwidth required hence hosting prices low

Very cheap to develop and also quick development

Disadvantages of static websites

You required people who know web development and he will upload/update your website.

Static websites are not good for ecommerce.

Dynamic Websites

On the other hand, dynamic websites feature a very powerful management system. With the dynamic website, you can upload your website from any corner of the world. You can develop a strong e-commerce website / discussion forums and content management system with the dynamic website.

Dynamic websites are not cheap as it requires lots of programming, data base and time to develop. Its hosting is also not cheap as it required database features.

But dynamic website has very great features and if you are planning to have a website, I will suggest you to go for dynamic websites.

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