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Notes for UGC NET Social Work Exam

With this post, you will get some notes on the UGC NET Social Work Exam. This will also helpful for the M.phil and MSW entrance exam for Delhi school of social work DSSW.

Hornic theory – William Mcdougall

Theories of Personality Book – Richard M.Ryckman

Strategies of community intervention books writers

  • Jack Rothman
  • John L.Erlich
  • John E.Tropman

Three models of intervention in community

  • Locality development
  • Social planning/policy
  • Social action

Headquarters of International Organizations

  • UNESCO – Paris
  • WHO – Geneva
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization )- Rome
  • ECOSOC – New York

National Policies

  • National Policy for children – 1974
  • National Policy for Education– 1986
  • National Policy for child labour– 1987
  • National Nutrition Policy– 1993
  • CRC – convention on the rights of the children 1989
  • ICCPR – 1966
  • PCPNDT Act- 2003

Model Text Paper for the UGC NET Social Work Exam

Check out some questions for the UGC NET Social Work Exam.

  1. Who is known as the father of ‘intelligence test’?

(A) Bennett                (B) Gesell

(C) Villand                  (D) Wechsler

  1. ‘Social Distance Scale’, was developed by

(A) Likert                    (B) Thorndike

(C) Bogardus             (D) None of the above

  1. The ‘client-centered approach’ is developed by

(A) Kurt Lewin           (B) Bandura

(C) Homans                 (D) Carl Rogers

4.Which is not the nature of community ?

(A) Geographical area (B) Common ties

(C) Social interaction  (D) Individualism

  1. The National policy on child labour was declared in the year

(A) 1986                      (B) 1992

(C) 1995                      (D) 1987

  1. The prohibition of all forms of child labour is explained in

(A) Article 14              (B) Article 18

(C) Article 24              (D) Article 32

  1. Social Development is

(A) a plea for larger allocation for social and welfare services

(B) an integrated view of Development

(C) an effort to provide ad-hoc growth targets in each of the separate sector of planning

(D) planning exclusively concerned with social services