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Career in Social Work Research

Hello friends…

I am in the last year of Master of Social Work (MSW). After this, I want to do research in social work. What are your suggestions? I think there is a huge career in the social work sector. Our society is going more and more complex and we really need professional social worker.

Career in Social Work in India

Social work is not a new field. In my eyes, this field is one of the oldest fields of professional work. As India is the home to numbers of basic problems like health, education, and food so career in social work in India has vast opportunities. There are numbers of sectors in social work. But the most important field is education and health. It is very necessary to provide quality education for every human beings living in India.

There are numbers of NGOS are working on child education, child care and child health. I am also associated with one of the NGO located in Delhi providing quality health and education to children having age group 8 to 18 years.

My Second Day Visit at Bal Sahyog

It was my second day visit at the Bal Sahyog, one of the largest orphanage located in the heart of the Central Delhi Connaught Place. I and my friend Amit was very excited to join the group of children again. We have got some new friends here. Saif, Aakash, Jitu, Sharawan was some of them. Today we started our work from computer class. There was a group of class VI in the first session. All the students were doing painting on the MS paint. Some students asked us about how to use tools in the MS paint. Some students touched my heart emotionally. Some students were very eager to learn about new things. They asked me about the geography and history. I asked them about the favorite subject and almost all replied about English. It was a lunch session around 1.30 PM. The food quality at the Bal Sahyog is very excellent. All the meal was very superior to have good health. After lunch session, we again joined the class. We also visited the hostel and found that all the facilities were superior. I am feeling very happy to provide some general education to these students living in the Bal Sahyog.

Harish Chandra