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Drug De-addiction Counselor in Delhi

HI guys.

Drug abuse is one of the social problems. Numbers of families are facing crisis in their home due to the drug abuse. If you are one of the victims, I am here to help you.

My name is Harish Chandra and I am a certified drug de-addiction counselor. If you are looking for advice about how to stop taking drugs or how to start the treatment, you can consult with me. I am offering my services as a drug de-addiction counselor in Delhi.

Drug De Addiction Counselor in Delhi

There are numbers of people living in Delhi who are taking drugs like heroin, bhang, charas, ganja, alcohol, tobacco and other substances. There are many routes methods of taking the drugs like some people consume using smoking, while some other by taking injection or drinking. Snorting is another popular way of taking drugs. The most common causes of taking drugs are recreation, fun, parties and to overcome with anxiety or depression.

There is a mentality in the people that the person who takes drugs like alcohol, bhang, ganja etc i.e. who is addicted to these substances are bad and they are useless. But it is not true. Such kind of people need support and love continuously.

There is various serious health issues related caused by the drugs consumption like lung cancer, oral cancer, heart attack, liver failure. Sharing needles also caused HIV. The family also affected badly due to the drugs.

Anyone addicted to the drugs and wants to start the treatment and looking for a counselor for treatment, I can help you. I am a professional de-addiction counselor and I can help you in finding a good rehabilitation center or hospital for your treatment. I will guide you about you can stop taking drugs.