Nokia Asha 305 Review and Price

Nokia Asha 305 Hi guys

I just bought Nokia Asha 305. It is a good handset. Nokia is my favorite mobile making company. However I have LG phone but I love Nokia.

Well today, I bought it from my local mobile dealer. The price of this phone is Rs4700. It is a dual SIM phone.

It is a touch screen phone. It has 3.0inch touch screen. There is no stylus in this phone. For capturing photos, it has 2 MP camera. I also got 2GB memory card free with this phone.

The main feature of this phone I liked is internet connectivity. You can connect to internet very quickly with this phone. It has shortcut to all social network like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc.

I used Aircel internet on this phone and I found that it works very good.

The sound of this phone is also very good. There are huge list of some good ringtones.

Also the camera is good but average in my view as I have 3.2MP camera in my LG Phone.

In a nutshell, it is a very good phone at the price of Rs4700.

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