Individual Case Work Report Writing Sample IGNOU MSW Course

Case Work and Counseling are important tools in social work. Individual Case Work is a special technique of social work where we find and solve the problem of any individual person. In my social work course (IGNOU MSW), I solved various cases. While working with the children, I found their problems and tried to solve the issues. Most of the children were suffering from their family related issues as their parents do not love them and they were feeling alone.

I also worked on a case of domestic violence where the woman was suffering from dowry related case. While working with the youngsters, I solved the case of drug addiction. One 18 year old beneficiary of the agency was taking drugs from the long time and I motivated him to quit the drug.

Methods of case work (4Ps of case work)

a. Person– client, significant others and collaterals
b. Problem- need, impaired social functioning
c. Place– agency, objectives, functions, policies and resources.
d. Process– casework intervention

Principles of Social Casework Practice

  • Begin where the client is.
  • Individualization
  • Purposeful expression of feelings
  • Controlled emotional involvement
  • Acceptance
  • Non-judgemental attitude
  • Client self determination
  • Confidentiality

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