How to Do the SBI Card to Card Transfer

Hello friends…

If you are not using the internet banking and want to transfer the fund to any person having the SBI account, you can do it very easily using the ATM. This facility is known as the Card to Card Transfer. Here is the method of doing.

Steps to follow:

  • Swipe your ATM / Debit Card
  • Enter your PIN number
  • Select Transfer Option
  • Select Card to Card Transfer Option
  • Enter the beneficiary SBI ATM/Debit Card Number
  • Enter the amount to be transferred
  • Collect the Slip, and keep it in good custody for future reference.

Please note:

  • With the SBI Card to Card transfer, only two transactions can be done in a day.
  • Maximum amount that can be transferred through this mode is Rs 15, 000 (Fifteen thousand)
  • Total Rs 30,000 (Thirty thousand) in a day.

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