Basic Steps in Community Organization

In the social work course, we have to do community organization work with the people of the community. For the social worker, it is very difficult to start as he/she faces problems in making the relationships with the community people. So here are some basic steps for starting the community organization work.
• Go to the community with your agency supervisor who will help you in making the relationships with the people of the community. You can also go with any volunteers or any other staff person who is already aware about that community.
• Visit to the streets and common meeting places of the community. It can be chaupal, aaganbari center, community hall or any other place.
• Check the conditions of the streets, sanitation and other facts of the community.
• Try to find out the history of the community and also conditions of the people living there. You can note their education profile, conditions of their children, their work nature and other information.
• Try to establish good relationships with the respected people of the agency. They will help you in making the core team.
• Try to find out the culture of the community. Follow their traditions during your visit to the community.

A social worker can play important role in mobilizing the community for achieving the common goals of the community.

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