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Aakash Tablet Booked When I Will Received

Hello friends…

I have booked Aakash Tablet around 15 days ago. There is no news about when it will be available. Can anyone tell me when I will receive it at my home? I am eagerly waiting for my Aakash tablet. I have booked a professional version of price Rs3000. Also tell me Ubislate and Ubislate+

Ubislate Price in India – Ubislate7+ Booking

The price of ubislate is Rs3000 in India. This is the advanced version of the Aakash tablet. If you want to book this tablet, you can visit the official website of Aakash Tablet.

Ubislate7+ has Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz Microprocessor and Android 2.3 Operating System.

Hardware Configuration of Ubislate7+

Processor: This tablet has a good processor. IT has Connexant with Graphics accelerator & HD Video processor

Memory : However the memory of this tablet is low. It hAs 256MB RAM / while Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash

Storage (External): The internal hard drive has 2GB storage capacity. But you can extent it upto 32GB using external hard drive.

Peripherals: It has 2 Standard USB port

Display and Resolution: 7 display with 800×480 pixel resolution